Naughty Silky Sarah's "Trannies" birthday

Part 1.
I'm 63 on Friday, I still can't believe where all the years have gone. In 1975 I passed my O levels and a year later my A's both with flying colours. that year I had also become Sarah a "crossdresser" and Edward, my old music teacher and I were living together at his cottage .
Edward was my guardian, he was 70 in 1976 and I was 18 and he had been fucking me for 3 years since just before my 16th birthday and had seduced me into crossdressing for him 3 years before that and he had turned me into a really girly teenager with long hair and very feminine looking.
Edward was a widower when I first went to him for private "tuition".
At 13 my aunt had sent me away to boarding school, where I was academically bright but small and "geeky" looking and was subsequently bullied unmercifully. I loved playing the piano and Edward taught me in school. One day he offered to give me extra tuition at his house after school. It was there that I confided in him about the bullying and it had been nice to get away from the school bullies.
Then one evening, about six weeks after I had begun tuition with him, we were sitting together on the piano stool when he put his arm around me and told me that he thought I would look lovely as a girl, the daughter that he had never had and would I like to dress up for him and play the piano as a girl. I said that I would quite like that and do that for him, but didn't want anyone to find out.
About a week later I had cycled to Edward's cottage, about three miles from school, for my lesson and when he greeted me at the door I was surprised to see him in a dressing gown and not in his usual smart suit, he apologised for being so casual, that he was late getting back from the shops and had a shower but that he had bought some girly clothes for me and they were in his bedroom for me to change into.
I felt nervous but also quite excited as I wanted to please him as I followed him to his bedroom where he had placed some girly items on the bed. He then put his arms around me and told me not to be nervous as no one would come to the house and find us and then he gently kissed me on the lips, I liked it and found myself kissing him back.
Edward slowly undressed me, I had never been naked in front of a man before and felt very shy and kept my underpants on, then he took my underpants off sat me on the bed and pulled a pair of silky white knickers up my legs.
OMG! the sensation in my tummy was electrifying, I was getting sexually aroused and he noticed and said "you like that don't you does it feel nice?" and he caressed my little stiff penis through the knickers and I felt so naughty. As he stood up I could see that Edward was naked beneath his dressing gown and the site of his erection excited me even more!!

3 months ago

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    • Part 2.

      The next item was a flouncy flirty fifties petticoat which he held out for me to step into and it felt so soft and silky and then a short chiffon skater skirt which he slipped over my head and down over my petti'. I felt so girly as he put a little white blouse on my and buttoned it up. I put on a pair of little white socks and strappy sandals, stood up, did a little twirl and said "do you think it suits me?"
      Edward was staring at me, then said, "you look lovely Sarah come and give me a cuddle" and I went over and put my arms around him and as I did so he opened his dressing gown and enveloped me inside it with him and we kissed.
      I felt his hand go up my dress and petti' lifting their hems above my waist and then his erection was against my knickers. "This is what daddies do to the girls they love" he said and proceeded to push his penis gently against my knickers and my little hard penis, thrusting his hips gently, of course simulating sexual intercourse. I parted my thighs and let his erection slide between my legs, I knew then what he wanted and his penis was so big.
      We stood there kissing and thrusting against each other, "you little darling" he said "I think you're making me cum"!! I just wanted to please him and quickened my thrusts, then Edward moaned and I felt the wetness on my knickers of his ejaculation.
      Edward guided me to the bed and sat me down, lifted my skirt and petti' again and lowering my knickers he knelt down and took my penis out kissing it, then placing it into his mouth he sucked me to my first ejaculation.
      Silky Sarah xx

    • That's such a nice story. And happy birthday Sarah

    • Part 3.
      My piano tuition was 3 evenings a week as I opted out of after-school recreation knowing I would get bullied but also I loved my experiences at Edward's cottage.
      For the next two and a half years I would get there, change into Sarah mode and either have my lesson or play sex games with Edward and then my lesson. Either was it was really naughty and I was becoming more and more girly and feminine.
      I persuaded my aunt to let me stay at a friend's house in the Easter and Summer holidays, I just told her it was Edward, she didn't really care as I'm sure it suited her as she was in a new relationship.
      It was the Easter holiday, when school broke-up I ordered a taxi which took me to Edward's cottage, He let me in, closed the door and kissed me passionately. "My pretty clever girl, you really did it, I didn't think your aunt would allow it, you darling you!!" I told him the situation and said I had given his phone number, but I really didn't think she'd phone unless there was an emergency.
      "Let's get you changed as you are my niece Sarah for the next three weeks and we are going to do lots of loving my darling".
      We popped up stairs and Edward took my case to my room, where my collection of Sarah clothes was in a wardrobe including silky underwear on it's shelves. I was so excited as Edward went to change his suit and I knew he was going to be naughty with me so I chose the silkiest, flounciest skirt, petti' and naughty knickers.
      Edward called out, "are you ready Sarah", I replied yes Edward I'm Sarah, "then come to my bedroom my darling". I called out, "are you going to love me and be naughty", "come and see darling" he replied and with that I minced into his bedroom!!
      Edward was laying naked and erect on his bed and he looked gorgeous, the upward curve of his penis stiff and aroused and I was erect in my silky knickers. I minced over and got on top of Edward and felt his penis slide under my knicker's gusset and we kissed, I was Edward's girl.
      Silky Sarah xx

    • Part 4.
      It was two days prior to my 16th birthday in 1974 that Edward made me his completely. At Easter I had introduced him to my aunt, she was rather flustered and a little shocked at Edward's age at first particularly when I said I wanted to live with him at his house. I told her that It would be nearer school, I loved my music and bearing in mind that she was planning to get married again that year, I wouldn't be a burden to her and her new husband. She feyned resistance but agreed and I knew that she was really relieved.
      i moved to Somerset and into Edward's cottage.
      That night Edward made me his completely!! I was wearing my favourite baby-doll nylon nightie with matching knickers and Edward was naked. We were in his bed when he said, "will you let me bugger you Sarah, I want you to feel me in your bottom" I whispered, "I thought you would never ask me darling", "you darling girl" he answered and turned me over onto my tummy, lifted my hips, tore my knickers off and pushed his penis up me. I squealed partly through discomfort and also because I wanted Edward as I was in love with him!!
      The act became more comfortable, he was gentle, I loved it, his thrusting, our intimacy and my true feminine feeling, "I'm going to cum Sarah" he moaned, "oh! cum darling I want it inside me, please don't pull away, give it to me properly!!" and I squeezed my bottom cheeks holding him tightly as he ejaculated up me, thrusting and pumping his love juice deep inside me and I was absolutely his!!!!
      My experience with Edward led to the life that I followed later on. I became a transvestite, went to University as a young woman, got a job in the public sector and changed my name by deed-poll to Sarah *******, Edward's surname as he had become my guardian formally.
      It broke my heart when Edward passed away in 1980, but he sweetly left me his cottage and financially secure for the rest of my life.
      Silky Sarah xx

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