It's So Lonely Some Times

The drive here was a little long but beautiful. I checked in to the Motel and then went to the room. It was nice, big, and had a nice smell to it. I unpacked my suitcase and began to hang my girly clothes. I didn't bother to bring too many men's clothes. I carefully shook out the blue polka dot dress, it's my favorite. I did the same with the yellow print and a pink skirt and hung them up. I took out my panties and bra as well as the slips and put them in the drawers. Next I put my toys in the night stand by the bed.

Then I went out and found and adult book store and looked at the video for some good cross dressing movies. As I was looking I noticed a couple of good looking older gentlemen looking to see what I was interested in. I tried to get them to make a move but nothing happened. It has been the same way for me. I must be doing some thing wrong. I want to be picked up and I think I making myself available.

So I go back to my room and change into my girly things, get the TV ready to play the movie and pick out a nice 7" rubber cock. I lube myself and the cock and insert it into my male pussy. I fuck myself while I watch the movie and pretend that it's one of the gentlemen who is fucking me. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong because I sure would like to feel what it's like to be make love all dressed up. Any suggestions?

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  • Thank you for the advice. I do look good enough to pass as a girl and have never really gone out as such. I guess I'll have to try and I'll look out for the sixties men. I do wear a bra and panties under my men's clothing and I will unbutton my shirt so they can see the bra at least but I guess no one has noticed. Hope to get it together on my next try.

  • Would love to fuck you while you are in your girly clothes. If I saw you on the street and you were flirting with me I would get turn on. I would want to take you home and lick your pussy ass then slide it into your butt. If you really good dressed up I would take you out for dinner. Good luck.

  • You are not trying hard enough, I agree with the other comment, go out in your "girly" clothes. Unfortunately its not the "good looking" men that will prefer you but the not so good looking men in their early to late sixties, usually living alone and gay/Bi.
    Also are you feminine in your appearance, because that matters! There is nothing worse than a male with "seven o'Clock" shadow dressed as a girl.
    I live in the UK and have completely "feminised" myself, but have done that for many years. I love dressing "en-femme" in silky lingerie, stockings and suspenders and flirty dresses or skirts. I have two regular boyfriends both of which are in their late sixties and are very affectionate towards me.
    I am lucky because they both like making love to me while I'm dressed in my "silkies", also I am lucky to live on my own so they come to my apartment for sex.

    I believe that as they are both married men I am an ideal alternative to a female mistress with no strings attached!!

  • You should of gone out dressed up in your girly clothes. Then start looking at threesome videos. Then asked when of the guys if this video was good. Then u got to invite him over to watch it. Or he could help u with your video.

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