My lovelt naughty Graeme

I am a retired gentleman, a widower for seven years and last September my life changed forever.
I advertised for a gardener/handyman in our local paper, had no replies until one day this beautiful young man appeared on my doorstep. I thought at first it was a young lady and I asked him what he wanted. He said he was answering the advertisement so I invited him in the house.
We talked about each other for a while and I began to realise that he was very feminine so asked his age. He told me he was sixteen and lived with his mother in the next village. I said I would like him to do some jobs and arranged for him to start on the Saturday.
When he left I couldn't get him out of my mind, his long hair, his lovely pert lips and I masturbated that night thinking about him. My feelings grew stronger as the week evolved and early on the Saturday I showered, dressed in light summer clothes and waited.
Graeme duly arrived, he looked so good that I instinctively put my arms around him to welcome him and to my surprise and shock his arms went around me in response. I said lets not start work just yet, come in for a drink or something.
I followed him into the lounge and as I did so I felt aroused as his bottom was there in front of me in tight football shorts. I put my hands on his shoulders and steered him to the sofa. He sat down and was staring at my waist, his hand reached out and undid my fly, I put my hands behind my head and looked down as he undid my trousers and they fell to the floor.
Graeme said "you like me doing this don't you Mr Fisher" then my underwear was taken down. I kicked my slippers off and my pants out of the way and sat down next to him. "You are a sexy young man Graeme aren't you" I said and Graeme replied "But I like to be called Jenny as I'm sissy".
I leant over and kissed him and his hand slid onto my penis and started rubbing the foreskin back. I begged him to wait, to go slower as I was to aroused to last, then Graeme said "would you like to take me to bed Mr Fisher". I kissed him again took his hand and we went along the hall to my bedroom.
He took his tee shirt off and I saw he was wearing a bra, then his shorts fell to the floor and I could see girls panties and I was naked. I pulled the sheet and covers back and watched him get into bed I had never wanted something so much as long as I could remember.
We cuddled up and kissed a lot, he felt gorgeous in my arms. I pulled his erection from his panties, it was small and stiff, I masturbated us both together and we imparted our cum as one, pushing together in our moment of joy while kissing madly.
We lay there and chatted for a while, stroking each other and then Graeme asked me if I would buy him some girls clothing as he would like to wear them if he came to see me again. I said I would if he visited again and he could forget about doing jobs.
We masturbated again, he was so sexy and girly and I told him so and that I could not wait for him to visit again.
On the Monday I went to the store in the city and bought two sets of clothing that I figured would fit him all girly and feminine and a two pairs of hold-up stockings that I thought he would like.
Graeme visited again on the Thursday after college, went straight to the bedroom and changed and I was waiting for him in the lounge. I had my robe covering my nakedness but I took one look at Graeme and fell in love, he was a beautiful young girl.
Graeme gave me a twirl, I took him in my arms fondling every part of him, "come and sit on my lap darling" I stammered, my robe falling open as he sat down. I felt his soft thighs and nylon covered bottom covering my penis, my hand went up his skirt caressing his erection, I felt him cum as my hand became wet "Mr Fisher, Mr Fisher don't stop" he pleaded. I laid him back onto the sofa pulled his panties down and let him feel my penis probing his bottom. "Take me to bed Mr Fisher please" and we went and made love on my bed.
Graeme is visiting often, I know I satisfy him in several ways and it won't last but I love him and he knows it.


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  • Graeme and I are having sex regularly as his mother has given him permission to be my lodger. Graeme belongs in my bed and loves going to sleep with my erection in his bottom. He looks so young and pretty dressed as a girl, I never dreamt that love and sex could be like this.
    Graeme knows just how to arouse me, mincing around, twirling in his skirt and most evenings I just wear a robe as he likes to see my penis, that arouses Graeme!!
    Right now he is upstairs changing into his feminine persona and I am making supper and I am so aroused thinking about my lovely little girl Graeme.

  • Graeme came into the kitchen, he was wearing a little short pink chiffon pleated skirt and a satin blouse, I could see from the shade of his legs he was wearing hold-up stockings. he also had on a pair of wedge heeled strappy sandals. He came over to me, undid my robe and pushed against me, we kissed, I slid my hand up his skirt and caressed his erection in his knickers. "I want a fuck before dinner" he said, and took me to the bedroom. He tore my robe off, got astride me on the bed, pulled his knickers aside and my erect penis was in him in moments.
    It was wonderful, Graeme rode me for about twenty minutes until I couldn't hold back any longer and my love-juice pumped from my penis. He clenched his buttocks getting every last bit of juice from me and then he rolled off and we lay there kissing and fondling.

  • Graeme left for college about an hour ago and I've been having a coffee recovering from a night of love-making, he has such a sexual appetite. I can't resist him in his baby-doll nightie, when his smooth leg goes over my thigh and he lifts himself onto me saying "Gerald sweetie I want you to fuck me" and I feel his lovely round buttocks in his little knickers lowering down onto my erection.
    I am so lucky.

  • I can't resist posting about Graeme, I'm so in love with him and I don't know where all my sexual energy has come from. Being retired my days were usually boring, but now I straighten the house up and make it nice and fresh for when he comes home.
    The post arrived about an hour ago and my order for five pairs of sissy open bottom nylon knickers have arrived. Graeme loves me to fuck him in his knickers and now he won't have to pull the gusset aside to enable my penis to enter his gorgeous bottom.
    I've bought three pairs colour matching each of his frothy nylon nighties and two matching his white bra and petticoat. He will adore them and so will I.

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