Gay crossdressing makes me happy for the first and not last time

When I was younger I always had this fetish about dressing as a female for a man I was sixteen and as usual dressed in my girl clothes a friend called and said he wanted to come over to hang out in my best girly voice I said that would be great but I have a suprize for you he said you sound different sorta girly I said that is just the half of it as I waited for him I checked my make up and outfit and the doorbell rang I answered it and he smiled and said you look great and kissed me on the mouth I felt him getting hard and dropped to my kness and freed his what ithougt was a huge cock I kissed it then took the whole thing into my mouth after a short while he was moaning and saying suck me girlfriend that turned me on more as I was sucking him off he started cuming I swallowed every bit he wobbled over to the couch sat down and said that was great I said wait there is more to come as I stood up and excuse myself to fix my make-up while in the bathroom I also got some lube and brought it out with me when I joined him on the couch we started kissing and I was rubbing on his cock it started to get hard again I then said I need to feel you inside me he then started fingering and lubing my ass I started moaning and then felt his cock head trying to enter me he was slow at first because it was hurting me but he kept pushing the pain went away as he slowly started fucking me the more he stroked the more pleasure I felt I was cumming in a way that I never thought was possiable I screamed make me your woman I then felt hi cumming and I just could not beleave how great it felt when he pulled out I could not talk or even walk we spent the whole weekend together as my parents were out of town I could never be straight or a reel man again

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