Years ago I used to love crossdressing. I had all kinds of girly things. It made me feel so naughty and sexual and it got me some wonderful sex. But that was many years ago. A family member came to stay with me for a few years and I had to throw all my girl clothes away and haven't dressed since. Now that family member is gone and the urge to dress is pretty much gone too. I was wondering should I start dressing again. I've seen some wonderful outfits on Amazon that I would love to order and get into. Sexy things that years ago I would have died to get into. I didn't have access to all those sexy things when I was into crossdressing. But I don't know if I want to start all that secrecy again. So here I am on Naughtypost asking everyone who reads this to put it to a vote.

Should I start crossdressing again Yes ________ No ________

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  • I would vote a definite yes sweetie by all means dress.

  • Do whatever the Hell you want.

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