Rape fetish

Embarrassed to say I have a rape fetish now…
I just want men to degrade me. I don’t know why. It’s all I can think about.

14 days ago

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    • "I've assisted more young women than I can count with this very issue…There have been very few studies on orgasm during rape, but the research so far shows numbers from 10% to over 50% having this experience. In my experience as a therapist, it has been somewhat less than half of the girls/women I've worked with. (For the record, I have worked with very few boys/men who reported this.) In professional discussions, colleagues report similar numbers." https://www.drjasonwinters.com/blogs/psychology-of-sexuality/2013/06/05/sexual-response-during-rape

    • I was raped in 97 and in 2011 and both times I came buckets

    • How did you feel when you orgasmed whilst being raped: was the rape still traumatic for you, were the orgasms more intense, did you feel that your body had sort of betrayed you by climaxing, did you climax silently to yourself and did you still report bring raped or was you put off reporting by having your orgasms?

    • Jax Miller
      Tue, July 13, 2021, 2:46 PM
      Two college roommates could be facing homicide charges after allegedly drugging and raping a woman on spring break in Miami.

      The Miami-Date State’s Attorney’s Office has announced that they’re considering adding homicide charges to Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, for the death of Christine Englehardt earlier this year, according to the Miami Herald.

      Englehardt, 24, of Richboro, Pennsylvania, traveled to Miami alone for a spring break holiday. On March 18, Miami Beach police say that Collier and Taylor met Englehardt at a restaurant before Taylor gave Englehardt a “green pill,” according to the Miami Herald. Collier told police that he went along with Taylor, admitting that he and Taylor “planned to have sex with her.”

      Surveillance video from the Albion Hotel showed the suspects walking Englehardt to her hotel room. The men were captured leaving the room about 30 minutes later at around 1:30 am, Philadelphia’s NBC 10 reported. Detectives said that in the video, Englehardt was “staggering and appeared to be in no condition to give any kind of consent prior to entering the hotel.”

      The North Carolina men were arrested soon after Englehardt’s body was found in her South Beach hotel room. They were charged with burglary with battery, sexual battery, petty theft, and credit card fraud, according to the Herald. Collier and Taylor allegedly stole Englehardt’s credit cards to continue partying.

      Is that part of your fantasy?

    • They were black, she was white. Raping and killing white girls is just part of the black agenda.

    • FUCK YOU cracker ass bitch! Just for that I'm gonna rape you

    • You want a fake rape! When the real rape happens and you are beaten till you are almost unconscious and a knife is digging into your throat cutting you! Then he cuts part of your breast off! Are you still turned on? When he shoves that knife up your pussy and ass, are you still loving it! How about when you are choked till you are unconscious and allowed to come back, then it is repeated over and over till the rapist has had enough of you and then stabs you over and over! Then when the knife breaks and he chokes you till you are dead.
      Is that part of your fantasy?

    • What's the difference between football and rape? Women don't like football.

    • Ted Bundy Did that to a lot of his victims!

    • That sounds super hot!!! Thanks you just made me cum

    • You sound like a future rapist or a present rapist. Are you?

    • According to the National Sexual Violence Research Center, less than 1/10th of 1% of sexual assault results in murder, much less butchery. So your wild gesticulations are pretty out there, but I guess you get off when writing about them, huh?

    • I looked for that fact but could not find it! It may be right because of all the rapes that happen.
      But if you are raped what side are you going to be on? Life or death. You won't know till the end, but it will be on your mind!

      Here in the United States, where there is a reported rape every 6.2 minutes, and one in five women will be raped in her lifetime.

      Bureau of Justice Statistics Selected Findings
      On an average 73% of women that are raped need medical treatment for injuries caused by the rapist!
      On average 1300 women are killed each year after rape with strangulation being number one method, followed by stabbing, blunt force trauma and shooting. About 13% of rapes occurred after death!
      About 8300 males are raped every year with injury also!

      So when your rapist is on you make sure you tell him your statistics on how many women die. See if that changes his mind.

      Rape is not a fantasy but a reality! Both women and men are raped and at the time they are not having a good time.

    • "About 13% of rapes occurred after death! "
      That's a LOT of necrophilia

    • Yes it is. When asked why the most common answer was I didn't know she was dead.

    • Hot

    • You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Not only is your fetish normal, it would be abnormal if you DIDN'T have rape fantasies.

      MOST women (over 60% of adult women) have them—and according to "The nature of women's rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents", the median frequency of these fantasies was about 4 times per year, with 14% of participants reporting that they had rape fantasies at least once a week.

      So enjoy! It is part of a woman's essential makeup to be dominated.

      If anyone doubts that, I should direct them to any number of important studies on the subject, including "Women's rape fantasies: an empirical evaluation of the major explanations" and "Women's erotic rape fantasies: an evaluation of theory and research" which are available through the National Library of Medicine.

    • Women's erotic rape fantasies: an evaluation of theory and research

      Joseph W Critelli 1 , Jenny M Bivona
      Affiliations expand
      PMID: 18321031 DOI: 10.1080/00224490701808191

      This article is the first systematic review of the research literature on women's rape fantasies. Current research indicates that between 31% and 57% of women have fantasies in which they are forced into sex against their will, and for 9% to 17% of women these are a frequent or favorite fantasy experience. Erotic rape fantasies are paradoxical: they do not appear to make sense. Why would a person have an erotic and pleasurable fantasy about an event that, in real life, would be abhorrent and traumatic? In this article, the major theories of women's rape fantasies are evaluated both rationally and empirically. These theories explain rape fantasies in terms of masochism, sexual blame avoidance, openness to sexuality, sexual desirability, male rape culture, biological predisposition to surrender, sympathetic physiological activation, and adversary transformation. This article evaluates theory and research, makes provisional judgments as to which theories appear to be most viable, and begins the task of theoretical integration to arrive at a more complete and internally consistent explanation for why many women engage in erotic rape fantasies. Methodological critiques and programs for future research are presented throughout.
      For 9% to 17% of women these are a frequent or favorite fantasy experience.
      That is rape with no harm.

      One of the biggest worries women have is real rape!
      That part is not in their fantasy.

    • You are walking through the woods when you cross a woman who has been raped and beheaded, what is the first thing you do? Check your map, you’re obviously going in circles.

    • Don't be a killjoy ya bitch
      Tell us ya rape fantasy!!!

    • What do you call a fat girl with a rape whistle?


    • It can be done if you really want it…

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