Deep Desire to Impregnate Women

It's as simple as that. I've had a fetish to breed with any willing and capable female, then do it again if she wants or move on our separate ways. It's not just the sex and pumping a load into a fertile womb, but knowing that I'm the cause of the changes their body is going through, is beyond satisfying for me. I've had it accomplished once by a online acquaintance (who was cool with being a single mother again), and ever since then it's progress even past a fetish.

I never imagined there'd be a woman like that, and ever since then I can't stop wondering if there's more women out there looking to simply procreate.

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  • My wife is like that. We have 2 children together and she has 4 children by breeders. 2 of which are brown.

  • There are many of us. I love being pregnant, having babies, being a mom. I can’t imagine a lifestyle other than a breeding lifestyle. I hope you find it.

  • Hang around fertility clinics. All the women there want to be impregnated. And if the husband is the one with the problem .....................

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