Forced growth?

I read a list where people shared fetishes and desires and one woman said her secret fetish was men being forced to grow breasts. Is this a real fetish? What would you think as a man if your wife or girlfriend wanted to force you to grow breasts?

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  • My late GF without me knowing was giving me female fertility drugs telling me they were vitamins and my breasts began to grow and grow they did to C cup and they weren't man boobs they were women's. After a year men began hitting on me and being horney just about 24/7 I let some take me home with them and got fucked more times than I can remember. I now have D cup and I never wear a bra for I try to hide them but at times a horney ole man knows and makes passes at me and I end up going home with them and three days ago it was with my first Black and man was he ever hung and when he began fucking my ass IU felt like he was doing me with a 18" dong and when he came in me man did he ever and he wouldn't let me go for several more hours keeping his dick in me all of the time. Now he wants to meet with me daily for a fuck fest right now my ass is sore but soon I keep telling him.
    To be honest with you all I can think of is his big thick cock in my ass getting bread by him over and over.

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