I am a size queen, are you?

I am a married woman who loves very large penis size. My husband is average size, 6" long and average girth 5". My ex first introduced me to very large dicks and I have craved them ever since. His dick was 10" long and almost 8" in girth. I am a small woman, 5' tall 105 lbs but I could take all of him with no pain at all. I have learned with research that most women can't take that size but a small group of women can. So I search out for men with very large dicks through many dating sites. My husband knows what I need and he is willing to do anything I want for pleasure. When I can't find a large dick he will use huge toys and he has a very large penis sleeve he uses on me too. I prefer the real thing and usually get what I need. The orgasms are so much more intense with a big dick and I just need it all the time. Any others out there like me?

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  • I am a married woman too and I only fuck huge dicks. My husband isn't even allowed to fuck me anymore. The best he gets is to jack off on my used pussy once one of my lovers is done with me. I love the feeling of stretching along with a little bit of pain.

  • No but a good average cock is hard to beat never had much fun with the bigger guys.i tried seem to of felt burning and agetvated not left wanting more every one made a little different looks teeth hair smell matter way more how do you cum of someone ugly lol

  • Yes I'm the same. I can only cum if I'm stretched and the guy is long and very girthy. My husband is about 3 inches. Although he knows what to do with it, I prefer being stretched out, so I can see my flaps splayed widely.

  • Yes I am too. I love huge dicks. It's not required but definitely preferred. My husband is average size, 5" but he knows how much I love huge dicks. My ex husband was very large so since then I love it. When my husband and I go on vacation or out of town he always let's me pick up on men so I can get what I need. I prefer black men and all of the black men I have been with are much larger than my husband. Nothing feels as good as a very large dick inside of me.
    The biggest real dick I have had was about 10" long and about the size of a plastic water bottle in diameter. So good!!

  • I have a whole cabinet of giant dildos. I love fucking my ass with them, It's so sexy to have a loose, sloppy asshole. so, yes, I am a size queen, although not a queen. I could never cheat on my wife, though.

  • Last girl I picked up in a bar told me that if couldn't give her at least nine inches and make it hurt, to not even bother fucking her. I told her no problem there, then I stuck my three inch cock in her three times and punched her in the face.

  • So old

  • My husband permits me to pick up other men and have sex because he is pretty small, I always dance and snuggle with them ensuring I get a feel if they are not big enough I don't waist time I piss them off straight away, I have a few regular boyfriends that are big plus energetic, if I take them home I text my husband who will make himself scarce, so good.

  • I will agree with all of this. I can only have an orgasm with a man if he is very large and can stretch me out and fill me up. I will only fuck a guy if he has the right equipment to please me. I have tried normal size men, even guys that really know how to use it but no luck. This all started when I was young and the first guy I was with was large. It hurt very bad the first several times but once I got use to it it was amazing.

  • The girl I met (Kendra) admitted how she would only hook up with guys she got with first night and if they were huge she would keep them around. She was married before and her husband used to try and talk her about fucking other guys with big cocks.
    The more she heard the more she wanted to try it. They divorced and she loved fucking other guys but didn’t want the commitment. If you were average you had that one chance and that was it.For some reason she let me stick around.
    Everyone always questioned why the couldn’t get her to commit. Her routine is Fri-Sunday with guys that she has had sex with and have huge cocks. It used to turn me on to hear her tell me how big they were.

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