My step moms feet

Okay, so I’m 16, and I’ve had a step mom for about 6 years. For the first couple years I knew her I never even thought about her feet or anything along those lines. Then, one night I heard my parents having sex, and I heard her moan. For some reason this sparked my interest in her and I started sneaking into her room and smelling her socks and shoes. I’ve fantasized about smelling her feet for a while now. I don’t want to have sex with her really, it’s mainly her feet. I’ve had the urge to tell her about my fetish, but I’m afraid she’ll tell my dad or she’ll hate me or be disgusted in me. I don’t want to ruin the good relationship I have with my dad and my step mom. Should I tell her about my fetish? Or should I just bury it and hope it goes away?

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  • Lick them when she's asleep and your father is gone for the night

  • I wouldn't exactly tell her about your fetish. It is very common for young males your age to be curious about sex and the fetish world. I discovered that I not only had a foot fetish in my early childhood, but it was for older women's feet. The reason you are drawn to her feet is when women's feet sweat, they emit pheromones, a sexual attractant to men. This is why you read about men smelling women's feet, smelling women's heels, and masturbating into them. It's a male's reaction.
    I always took the opportunity when I could, but never pushed it. I have to admit that I have smelled my share of women's shoes over the years, to include my algebra tutor in high school to my now boss. With each act you will get more courage to learn how to understand women and what they want. I always compliment women on their shoes or the color of their toenail polish. Being able to smell their feet will come with time.
    I used to mow my neighbor's lawn when I was your age. She must have been in her late 60's, divorced, but still attractive. One day after I finished I went inside and noticed she was laying on the couch with her feet up. She told me to sit down at the end. I couldn't help by stare at her beautiful feet. She said her feet ached from walking in new shoes that were the wrong size. She said "can I ask you a favor?" I said "sure". She said "could you rub my feet for me?" I agreed and soon as my hands touched her feet she closed her eyes and eased back telling me how good it felt. I rubbed her feet for a while alternating each foot. She loved it and she paid well. My face was close enough so that i could smell her feet, but I never went any further and she never asked again.

  • Wank in her shoes and then smell them after she wears them all day.👍👍👍

  • Not sure if you should tell her, sounds like she’ll just think you’re a sicko. I did the same with my step mom and step sister, even went as far as setting up my phone in the bathroom to record showers. I’d lick and sniff my step sisters panties all the time.

  • I sniffed and licked both of my sisters and moms panties growing up. I would also peek when they would enter and exit the shower. Then I would go in the bathroom get their freshly removed panties and jerk off

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