Female here and this is the only time I cheated

So it was in the mid 1990's I was 20. I guess I was trying to act older. So I embellished and told people that I had been with 8 guys and 2 girls but the truth is I had only been with 2 guys both from my home town of Myrtle Beach both were young and came quickly so I never got off from either one. I was just in a rebellious stage. Plus I was a late bloomer. So I meet this guy in his early 30's and him and I hit it off pretty well. So I end up moving to Florida with him. We were having a great time and I finally got a much desired orgasm. He knew I was inexperienced and not on birth control so he never came in me. So one day he introduced me to a friend of his and his wife. This guy looks like a guy out of GQ magazine. I'm instantly getting turned on and wet as him and I talked. So over the next few weeks we meet up with him and his wife in which time he starts to compliment me and make little passes. I'm giddy like a 16 year old girl and end up with a huge crush on him. It didn't take long for him to start getting me alone and making more advances. I couldn't resist him. Then one day when I was home alone and my boyfriend was at work I hear a knock on the door and it was my boyfriend's friend. Even though I knew better I let him in. With in a few minutes he is running his hands through my hair telling me how beautiful I am. He starts kissing me and as he is his hands are exploring my body. I was in a trance and he just starts to undress me. He is in complete admiration of my young slim fit body as he starts to devour me with his mouth. He picked me up and carries me to my boyfriend's bed and puts my legs up and his head between my legs. I never got so excited in my life. He walks over to the side of the bed and drops his shorts and instructs me to suck on his hard on. It was my first time. He must have sensed it and gives me instructions. He ends up poking me 3 times that day. Plus over the next few weeks he and I keep meeting up and even do it when my boyfriend and his wife are around. So as I was young and wanted him I never told him I was not on birth control. He always comes in me or my mouth. A month goes by and I miss my period. I end up starting a fight with my boyfriend and move back to SC. I hook up with the guy that was my first and I know he was a virgin too. I tell him a week later that he got me pregnant and he offers to marry me. We are still married. I'm 45 and have only been with a total of 4 guys. My daughter is 24 this year. I've never had another affair or seen either of the other guys since.

3 months ago

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