Pregnant again

I'm 19 and pregnant for the second time. Not married. My boyfriend and I don't feel the need or think it matters to do so. I get my health care for me and my children from the state. It would cost a lot to have me on my boyfriend's coverage at his work if we did marry. I want him to tie his tubes after the baby is born but he is resisting. He wants me to do it. I told him that it's less evasive if he has it done instead of me. The way it looks if we don't want anymore children I will have to be the one. I can barely get him to help with taking care of our daughter now. It's like pulling teeth. I have to bitch at him and complain and then he gets mad and throws a hissy fit. I am tired at the end of the day and he expects me to take care of the baby, house, cooking, laundry, basically everything. He says he does his part by working everyday and I should be thankful for that. I am thankful he works hard but I still could use a hand with thinks like bathing our daughter. She is almost 2 years old and I end up having to hold her while I cook and clean most of the time. She really cries a lot if we aren't holding her. She sleeps with us even though we have a crib for her. Not looking forward to baby 2 now. If my boyfriend was more helpful I would be. He says I'm just being bitchy. Is it too much to ask the father of my children for some help? I don't know what to do? I love him and want to be with him most of the time. He treats me like I'm stupid at times. I saw how his father is and thought nothing of it at the time. His father constantly belittles his wife and children. I came from a loving home where both parents worked to raise the children. My mom and dad hardly had cross words. I don't like being called fucking stupid or a dumb whore. He has on several occasion hit me. But I made him mad by nagging him I should have backed off. I told him if he hits me again I will leave and not come back. I left and stayed with my mom and dad but he came and begged me to return saying he needed me and loved me. So I did. I just wish he would help out more. He gets really mad on his day off when he's playing one of his video games. I'm not supposed to bother him then.


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  • You may have come from a naive family and maybe he did too. Wisen up before you have anymore children or make lifetime decisions.

  • You should tie your tubes hon. You are under 20 and already blessed with 2 babies. Based on what you describe about your partner, he will be not around for long and you'll be left alone to take care of your babies. Tie your tubes and then get some real education, career to help your family.
    May the Gods bless you!

    P.s. Pls give this kid a break and give her proper, respectful advice. Don't be hating.

  • Women like you always have and always will date and get preggo by losers, addicts and alcoholics. Then have babies to keep the cycle going. Get an abortion and move out. Quit dating losers that smack you. Or better yet don’t date at all. People like you suck up my tax dollars

  • Should be sucking up more cum that tax dollars

  • Dump him and move on. The only change he's going to make is for the worse. He's not going to help with the kids and he's not going to stop abusing you. Move home and move on with your life. You can do so much better than a loser who hits women

  • I just wanted to say that you do realize you posted this in the cheating section? I first thought you were going to say that the baby wasn't his. Ok carry on. Sorry about your situation but leave the bastard. If my daughters boyfriend ever hits her they won't find his body. He will be used as chum for shark fishing.

  • Go out with the girls and let a hot guy fuck you nsa to teach the prick to be grateful for you

  • Your boyfriend sounds like a worthless moron. Dump his lazy ass and go back with your family. Things will work out. Just make the decision it will be the right one. I left a pig who was much worse and now I own my own company. I had to support my children and me. Ex he drank himself to death.

  • Get an abortion or kill yourself. Pregnant pregnant for the second time at 19 DISGUSTING! You are scum and you are making the world a worse place than it already is by bringing in more scum babies. Fuck you!

  • Sounds like your made you can get some cum put to your fucking sour eggs. STFU! World doesn't need more worthless assholes like you telling people to kill a baby or themselves. Hey Donald is this you? Not going to win many votes like this and you are going to need them if you want to get re elected you dumb ass dip wad.

  • He won't change in these circumstances. Unless he does some real searching and see that his family's behaviour is unacceptable then he will never change his behaviour to you. Given he knows he can plead to get you back, that is the normal of your relationship. I'm sorry to say.

  • You should have left and not returned. That is serious. Nobody should put their hands on another person. Period! No discussion. He probably won't change and you are going to be miserable. This sounds more like your husband needs to grow the fuck up. Video games? Oh hell no! My husband helps me by cooking, vacuuming, and even shopping if need be. Plus playing with our children and not playing video games. Oh honey I feel bad for you. I hope you can do what you need to. Men don't change generally. Nor should you try to. Unfortunately you have paired with the wrong mate. Some men just shouldn't be fathers.

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