Pizza challenge

Long story short, my wife lost a bet and had to do a pizza challenge. She refused to do it at home, but the next time we had gone on vacation, she had to pay up.

We called in an order and waited for the delivery. I of course was in the bedroom while multiple cameras were recorded the events and sending a live feed to the bedroom.

The knock came and my wife played it off as if she accidentally dropped her towel. This guys expression when the towel dropped was priceless. My wife played it off as an oops moment, but never really tried to pick up the towel and cover herself again, which was the plan.

So she fumbled around in he purse looking for money, but again the plain is that she can't find any in her purse. So she turns around and faces one of the cameras with her back to the guy and bends over to look for money in the suitcase laying on the floor. This gave the guy a full view of my wife's pussy.

Again she doesn't find any money and apologizes to the guy. She blames it on me saying I must have taken the money with me when I left to go have a drink. She then tells the guy if he can hold on, she will call me and ask me to return. The plan was that I would then tell her where some money was in another handbag.

Plans never go according to the plan though, and this guy instead offered up his own solution. He told her if she was willing to let him fuck her real quick, she could forget about paying him. Now my wife and I have always talked about letting another man fuck her, but it never went any further than the bedroom talk. Never had we actually considered doing it.

I wondered what my wife was going to say, and I kind of assumed she would decline and follow the plan, but when she looked at the camera, I knew she was going to say yes. She turned and asked if he had a condom, to which he produced one from his wallet.

Then my wife turned around and bent over the chair. This guy unzipped his pants, pulling them down just enough to get his dick out. He rolled the condom on and stepped up behind my wife. At that moment I had extreme anxiety as I couldn't believe my wife was about to fuck another man.

I had thought about this moment, and even masterbated to daydreams about it, but I never thought it would actually happen. I never thought I would have to decide in a split second whether I should come out and stop it or just let it unfold. My breathing was heavy and erratic, but my dick was so hard it was about to burst.

I watched intensely as this guy stepped up behind my wife, rubbed his cock on her pussy, and then with little effort, shove his cock inside my wife's pussy. I watched her expression of joy as he pumped her vigorously for a few minutes until he reached orgasm and ejaculated into the condom.

He then pulled out of my wife and I could see the cum filled condom slide out with his dick. He reached down and pulled off the condom, rapping it in a paper towel. He then pulled up his pants and thanked my wife saying she could order anytime, while writing down his number on a piece of paper on the counter. Then he walked out the door.

I sat in the bedroom unsure of what had just happened, and wondered if that was something she has always wanted. A minute or so passed before she entered the bedroom. She looked timid like she was waiting to see if I was pissed. That's when I pulled her on the bed and kissed her. We had the best sex ever that night.

We still have this guys phone number, and we sometimes think about going back for round two. We even talk about that night in the bedroom, and fantasize about what it would be like the next time. Maybe someday we'll get up the nerve to have my wife fuck another guy again.

21 days ago


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    • Pizza Challenge
      The 2019 Cicis Pizza Challenge was a huge success thanks to everyone who attempted to eat their way through a 28-inch Pizza and a 32 oz Drink in one hour or less. ... Pizza props to you all! But there can be only one. The team that took the title of a 2019 #CicisPizzaChallenge Grand Prize Winner and $2,500

    • Pure Bull Shit Never happened!

    • You are one lucky couple to get to experience that spur of the moment wife watching. I wish this would happen to my wife and I.

    • This doesn't happen very often. I asked my wife to do a pizza challenge and the fucking guy was gay. He no bullshit, started crying and dropped the pizza while running away. About an hour later we received a phone call from the manager saying the guy went home because he was so traumatized. They were demanding an explanation. I laughed and said maybe they shouldn't hire ball less faggots, then I hung up and called the hotel manager and told them the pizza joint was harassing me, and to block all calls from them.

    • If I saw that fat cow you call your wife naked, I rip my eyes out!

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