I have been bisexual for most of my life. Always been a bottom. Been married to my wife for over forty years now. She knows everything about me. She found out that I was bi before we got married when we were teenagers. It never bothered her. And yes we have an open marriage. She's has her own boyfriend's over the years. I've been with quite a lot of guys over the years also. But I finally found a guy we both get along with. He's married but his wife doesn't know that he is bi. We have so much fun together. He's only a few years younger than me. But he can fuck for ever. He even has fucked my wife. But when he is with me it's not just a fuck and run. He has a nice cock about 8 inches but thick. I always suck him off first because I want his first load in my mouth and swallow it. He then starts fucking my ass. In all different poisons. But when he gets me on my back and puts my legs up over his shoulders he will lean over and kiss me and fuck me slowly and deep. Next thing I know is that I'm having the best hands free Orgasm I ever had. I shoot cum all over my chest and face. And the muscles in my ass squeeze his cock and makes him cum inside of me. My wife loves to watch and see me cum like that. She says that I cum like a woman. After we all lay in bed together. And cuddle up. He's a great match for me and my wife.

3 months ago


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    • I've always been bi, and I too have been married forty years. At the twenty five year mark, we opened our marriage up to other like minded couples and singles. My wife's interaction with other women was minimal, at best, tit sucking, kissing, and mutual fingering , though she would spread her legs for some lezzie tongue. I fucked those women, and took care of the men, if they so desired. Honestly, with single men, most just wanted to fuck my wife. It was okay, I enjoyed watching and stroking my erection.

      The thing was, my wife never really respected bi-sexual men. I didn't tell her of my bi-sexual past until we'd been married several years. We never spoke of our sexual histories , she never mentioned past lovers and claimed to have never masturbated. We were both raised sex-negative, so, that's not too surprising, but, I found out early on that my parents were wrong about a lot of things. I'm much more of a pervert than her, anyway, always have been.

      The best situation we ever had was a threesome relationship with a guy she picked out. He was younger and good-looking, and was open to mouth-fucking and ass-fucking me while she watched. She fucked it up by being careless with his feelings, and "accidently" letting him see photos of another threesome we had with a guy he hated, who had a ten inch cock. She was childishly playing the two of them against each other, and he left in a huff, never to return.

      Your situation sound optimal. Make the best of it, my friend !

    • So jealous!! I’m bi and married as well but my wife isn’t very open minded to being with other people. I’ve had several threesomes with other couples before I was married but I’m starting to fear that I will never get to have another one.

    • What does your wife looks like have you had a threesome with her

    • That is one amazing story I’m not bi but that’s Hoooot tell me more

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