Has your wife ever caught you and your dad have gay sex and how did she react

2 months ago

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    • It started with with my dad when we use to wrestled in our underwear, our close sweaty body contact and hands touching each other, dads hands in my underwear on my cock and balls and fingering my anus did the trick, i thought if he can do it to me i can do it to him, soon we were naked wrestling, we had each others underwear off, dad had me pinned down on my stomach and his cock in me, that's when mum walked in on us and there was hell to pay we were called a pair of fucking dirty perverts, but it didn't stop us secretly fucking each other

    • Sure that happened! That is totally believable. No doubt about that. But then you woke up!

    • My ma was jus mad we didnt clean up all the blood an shit after
      And you don’t wanna make ma mad

    • I fool around with my father in law all the time, my wife caught us before and said it was ok and that she’d rather me have fun with him, than a stranger.

    • My wife said the same thing after walking in on me sucking her dads cock

    • She caught my dad and brother having sex. She grabbed the 357 and put two into my fathers head! My brother was very young and don't remember it!
      Served 2 years of a 6 year sentence!

    • She should have pulled the trigger!

    • Hello, this is Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston. My wife has caught me on a number of occasions wherein I am involved in coitus with my father. Hot, steamy coitus. She usually rolls her eyes and says "Oh, you two!" And then I say "Well are we talking about redistricting or reapportionment?" I guess that's kind of a private joke.

    • Nice try, Hunter.

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