First time hotwife

My wife has just recently decided she wants to be a hotwife so with my ok she has started new clothes shorter skirts revealing blouses 5 inch heels she is 23 yo 5 ft 4 130 pounds 34 b she was a virgin when we married 3 years ago she i more woman then i can handle she desires sex frequently we discussed this and sh made first try she went to a bar drank met men danced and went to a motel with one she was frightened and wasnt sure how i would react i am ok with it she still loves me snext went to a club for blacvks she heard how great sex they ewere she met one went to his apartment all she can talk about is how great the sex was and size of his cock she thinks now all wull be black

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  • I hope she ends up in the back room of one of those Black bars on a dirty mattese with a line of black men down the hall waiting their turn.

  • My wife would love that.

  • I think she would be happy if that happened

  • Do you get to enjoy her body after she gets home? Do you still have sex with her? Does it turn you on seeing their cum leaking out of her pussy? Do you eat her cream filled pussy?
    I’m not judging, I would eat her clean, pump my own load inside of her then eat it out too.

  • No i really dont she either stays all night or very late but when she does get home her thong is stiff with dry cum also immediately after being fucked by a black cock mine would be too small by next day or so its ok

  • Well, you're a cuck now and you'll never get your self back.

  • They sometimes come home and fuck i am happy she enjoys it

  • Send me some pics or your wife an I'll send sum of mine.

  • Cant send on here try her e mail

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