Sent my dad my wife’s pictures

Ok so I messed up….I think. I love to share my wife’s nude pictures with other guys and have an infatuation with the idea of sharing her physically with them. We have experimented a little but nothing major, I got this idea in my head that I’d love to share her with my dad but didn’t know how he’d react so I took it upon myself without asking my wife and I sent my dad several topless and full nude pictures of my wife to see how he would react and now I’ve created a monster because he wants to fuck her. I know my wife wouldn’t go for it because well he’s my dad and she’s not like that but now I don’t know what to do or how to tell my wife what I’ve done.

2 months ago

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    • I’d like to see her pictures.

    • See at :

    • Yeahhh now he gwine rapes that bitch 😆

    • I told my wife what I had done and discussed it a bit. I texted my dad to have him come over to help me with my kitchen sink, when he got here he was greeted by my naked wife and she told him this was his one chance to fuck her if he wanted to. So amazing to watch my wife suck his cock and him fucking her, I had my fun with her afterwards. She got two cocks, two loads of cum and maybe we will keep doing this. It was hella fun and exciting!!

    • If you want to see your wife get fucked by your dad and he wants to do it i can’t imagine it being that hard to set up

    • Yeh ask you father and wife to commit felony incest and fuck up the rest of their families relationships! Yeh that should be easy! Dumb fucks

    • Not a blood relation.

    • It is still incest by law asshole! Stop saying that idiot!

      A West Virginia man and his step-daughter busted having sex are facing prison for incest — even though they are not biologically related.
      Kelcey Nicholas, 28, was caught sleeping with 21-year-old Lataura Jarrett on Sept. 19 at their Mount Nebo home in Nicholas County.
      Officers were checking on Nicholas' previous home-confinement charge when they walked in to find the duo in bed.
      Usually, the couple would not be prosecuted for the incident — as they aren't related by blood and both are over the age of consent. But they are bizarrely facing as much as 15 years in prison after Sheriff David Hopkins cited state law that a daughter is the natural offspring of a person's husband or wife.
      As Nicholas is still married to Jarrett's mother, he is technically her father.
      The pair was charged with seven counts of incest, reports the Saturday Gazette-Mail.
      Nicholas remains in jail while Jarrett was freed on bond. Both will appear in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

      No blood relation idiot but still busted for incest asshole!

    • My wife gave up sex, I have a lover that loves my cock. Its not in the family??

    • Then Your dad is an asshole for wanting her and not smacking you upside your fake assed head for sending them!

    • I'd love to see her photos. Please email me

    • I knew that my Dad hadn't had sex for a while since my mother decided that she was done with that. I wanted my girlfriend, now wife, to have sex with other men and I told her that she would be having sex with my Dad. My wife resisted by one night after my mother had gone to bed I told my wife to sit on my father's lap and he soon started caressing her breasts. I stood my wife up and I undressed her. She undid my father's pants and gave him a blowjob. He quickly came in her mouth. I stood her up again and kissed her with some of his come still in her mouth. I was surprised to notice that my dad still had an erection and I told my wife to sit on his dick. They fucked for a while before my father came inside my wife. Then my wife and I went to bed and I fucked her in her well lubed slippery cunt.

    • In the 90s we had an x rated drive in. My hot young wife Ainsley would get naked as soon is we pulled in. There's no kids, everyone will see fucking and blowjobs -- seeing me nude won't shock them -- it feels good -- she said. We were in the last row where could fuck without people walking by during the 2nd feature. I went to the snack bar. When I came back I could see the Bronco II tailgate was swung open and 2 college guys looking in. They were looking in at naked Ainsley sitting on the tailgate. They gave her a beer (her 3rd) to see her naked close up. the one kid never saw a naked women. About 5 years later she said wished there was a long line at the snack bar. She was enticing the virgin kid to fuck her. He was just about ready when I came back. Instead they watched me from the next car have her. "I felt like a young Mrs Robinson, thinking with my pussy after 3 beers -- the kid was cute... women write books about what almost happened."

    • Your dad will most likely message your wife and apologise for having a retard of a son, while also complimenting her.

      They will establish a channel behind your back, bonding over their anger for your stupid actions.

      Then slowly your dad will be there when you are away or when you have your next slip and she will take his cock like crazy.

    • Would love to see them ...

    • Too late bro, gotta let dad have sine of that

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