Home alone

I was home during the day, rare because wife was at work, kids away. Wife texted to ask what i was up to, so i thought a bit before responding. I am very adventurous, wife not so much. So i responded "sorry was busy lying in bed in your panties rubbing baby oil all over myself, just thinking of you." I waited for a response. It took 15 min but she sent, "hmmm sounds like fun!" I couldnt believe it. She then said, "did you finish, was it enjoyable?" I responded, "no still in process, your vibrating dildo helps." Again wanted to see how far i could take it. She really surprised me and told me to "lube it up, sit on it, turn it on, milk my cock, but send a pic first." So i lubed it, sat on it, and sent a pic. She responded "mmm i see you like my black panties." To my surprise, we had sex like rabbits that night. Guess you never know how someone will react til you push their limits!

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  • I agree you may as well test the limits and see what she will accept. Good job.

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