Have you caught your wife masterbating

Have you ever caught your wife masterbating. How did you catch her? Was she in the bedroom or some where else in the house. Was she naked or dressed. Using fingers or toys? Did she know you caught her? How did she react? What did you do?

Apr 9


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    • My wife told me she always felt "over-sexed."
      She was shy at school - but would give boys crotch shots across the gym at school.
      At home, living in a bedroom with 2 sisters - she learned to roll towels up and lay on them on the bathroom floor and make herself cum. (one time her dad walked in on her when she was down there humping and grunting out a cum. She said suddenly she felt cool air on her bare ass - looked over her shoulder to see her dad staring down into her spread ass and pussy. No idea how long he' been watching her. She said she started to cry as he slowly closed the door - but also had THE biggest orgasm of her life at the same time. They never mentioned it afterwards. Years later her sister told her their mom had learned that ol' Dad had confessed he was frequently masturbating to memories he formed that day!)
      Rubbing on her pillow is still her favorite was to masturbate. She likes it when I get behind her and shove her bare ass hard into her pillow which she's jammed between her legs. I rubb her butt fast - and she humps and grunts in a very unlady-like fashion!....and has very hard orgasms. She has to be pretty drunk to let her hair down - but when she is drunk - man it is great. She sucks, and rides and carries on like a $2 slut. It is great! Just wish she didn't feel ashamed of her desires, and have to be drunk to let go!

    • I used to love during foreplay with my wife I would be working on her titties getting her nipples nice and hard, she would spread her legs so wide and reach down and run her fingers over her pussy. I would slowly stroke my cock as I sucked her nipples and watched her finger her wet swollen lips and clit so good until I went down to have my tongue work over them

    • Fake

    • If you're referring to my post about foreplay with my wife, I can assure you its very much not fake.

    • Oh ok then. Now we're all convinced 😆

    • We both like masturbating together. We are in our 50s. Oh man I love it when she sets next to me with her dildo.

    • I'd hope this would be something you are good with. My wife and I mastrubate whenever we feel the urge. I wouldn't expect her to wait on me to get home, same with her. My only stipulation I have to follow is I have to eat it and take a picture to send her or save it until she gets home so I can eat it in front of her. I mad up this rule and it's really fun!

    • I haven’t “caught” her but I have watched her. I often will set her up to want to masturbate then make an excuse to leave then watch her through our bedroom window then come in and havex with her. I’ll kiss her softly, touch her softly, talk naughty to her and telll her how much I want her, then tell her to go in the room and get ready, I need to do “whatever” and won’t be in until about 20 minutes. She goes to the bedroom and I walk out the back door. She gets naked or in lingerie and lays down and touches herself. I watch until I see she’s cum. Then I go in and lick her up.

    • I'd bought her toys. She said she only liked the vibrators and the dildos were silly. Heart problems and I have ED and she has a relationship with one particularly life like dildo she calls Russell.

    • Are you Russell or is it a friend of hers?

    • J loved watching mine whether it was a toy or fingers or both

    • (Answer got too long for comments so splitting it. Part 1/2)

      When you've been married as long as I have, it's bound to happen from time to time. It's pretty much inevitable.
      Luckily, my wife and I are very compatible when it comes to our kinks and high libidos, so we rarely need to "scratch our itches" solo. But for obvious reasons, I'm not always home when she gets horny, which is usually when she resorts to her fingers and toys. So whenever I walk in on her, it's typically when I get home from something (like work). She'll be on one of the beds or the couch in the living room (on our bed if any of the kids are home) just enjoying herself.

      Is she naked or dressed?
      Naked. Neither of us tends to masturbate while clothed (unless in public). It's just restraining (in a bad way) and far less comfortable.

      Does she use fingers or toys?
      It varies, but usually both. Most commonly a plug, collar, and possibly some sort of gag, along with a vibrator and/or her fingers.

    • (Part 2/2)

      Does she know?
      Well, putting aside fantasies and all those fake stories that seem to be so popular on this site, I doubt it's actually possible not to notice someone walking in on you.

      How do we both react?
      I'm just happy to see she's in the mood, while she gets all gitty that I'm finally home to take care of her urges.
      Sometimes she'll slip into her "little" persona (a kink thing related to ageplay) and act all innocent and nervous that I've "caught her" doing something naughty she wasn't supposed to, but just couldn't help herself. She'll start apologizing and begging, I'll "punish" and discipline her - you get the gist.
      Other times, she'll notice the bulge in my pants from the sight I've been greeted to, and come over to take care of it.
      Occasionally she'll just make eye contact and keep on going. I'll silently sit down across from her and just enjoy the show, which gets her going even more. Once she gets close, she'll beg for my permission to cum, and when I finally give it to her, she'll stare deep into my eyes as she does. (Looking deep into each other's eyes during orgasm always makes it more intense for her, regardless of whether it's sex or just masturbation.)

      So there you have it. I hope that helps and that I've answered all your questions. :)

    • My wife masturbates twice a day. I work nights so she masturbates when she goes to bed and when she gets up. Most days I come home to find her masturbating and we have sex. It works for us.

    • I work nights as well. My wife uses her toys every night.

    • My wife has no shame when it comes to masterbateing. She will ride in the car and spread her legs and play with her pussy and lick her fingers as she does it. When she's home she has a big black didlo that she uses on herself she tells me that she wishes that my cock was that big as she is fucking herself with it.i don't mind that she masturbates it her pussy she can do what ever she wants with it.

    • Fake

    • I walked in on her while she was using a vibrator she stopped but I told her to carry on. She was a bit shy but I stood beside the bed and started wanking as well. It was the first time she had seen me wanking and thought it was really sexy.
      As she continued she said she wanted to watch me come. We egged each other on until I spunked over her thighs and then she came.
      This was years ago .

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