Wifes new bikini

My wife got a new extreme bikini this summer. It's so small the top just barely covers her nipples and the bottom barely covers her pussy lips. She has to be waxed completely nude to wear it. We don't have a pool so I asked her where she plans on wearing it, and she said on vacation. If she wears this bikini on vacation, every guy on the beach will be hitting on her and looking at her. The more I think about it, the more it makes me horny. I'm glad she bought it. I can't wait to go on vacation.

1 month ago

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    • I bought my wife a see through bikini that practically disappeared when it's wet. At first she refused to wear it except for in the hotel room or at home. Then one night I convinced her there would be no one in the pool and it would be a perfect time to wear it. Truthfully we were on vacation during Christmas and it was cold outside, so there were only three couples including us, staying in the whole hotel. So she agrees and we headed down to the pool. As expected, no one ever came in. However, when we got out, she was obviously wet, and it looked like she was standing next to the towel rack stark naked. That's when I pointed out the surveillance camera pointed in her direction. She just shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal. Someone in the office got a good view of my wife naked.

    • If they have the body for it then let them show it off. My wife is always sunbathing naked. She goes on vacation once a year to Jamaica by herself. She has those skimpy bikinis if that's what you can call them. Just a string in her butt crack barley covers her pussy. A top that's so small you can see all of her breast. She might as well be naked. Buy she has the body for it and she's not bashful. So what the hell let her have her fun while she can.

    • Over the years I've bought my wife several skimpy bikinis. At home she'd only wear it in the tanning salons. On vacations, if they are FAR from home, she'll break them out. The funny thing on this is, if we are FAR from home and she's in THAT mood, she is much more daring and wild than I am

    • I love when my wife wears a skimpy bathing suit. Even better is when we go to the nude beach. It always makes me horny when guys come up close to us and look at my wife while asking us questions. They often ask us if they can join us for sex but we never have accepted. Who knows, maybe this year!

    • My wife bought a similar bikini! We went on vacay and I yelled "whatsamatta, you faggots not man enough to rape my wife?!" and then they raped ME! What a funny world it is.

    • It's not really rape if you want it. Obviously those men did things to you that you wanted and were hungry for. My guess is that you've had them do it again since then. You probably smell like semen every day of your homosexual life . . . . . . you bitch!

    • God, you're retarded . . . . . . . .

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