Tattooed Wife

My wife wanted to get a tattoo. I told her that I would be okay with her getting one but I didn't want it visible to my very conservative parents since they see her in a bikini almost every weekend at their lake house. She asked where and I told her above her shaved pussy would be good.
We went to a tattoo parlor and my wife chose a design. After she got the tattoo we found out that it was too big and it actually showed above her bikini bottom. I wanted her to wear a one piece bathing suit when we went to the lake but my wife insisted that she would wear her bikini. When she changed into her bikini she walked around as usual and my father quickly noticed her tattoo. He pointed it out to my mother and my mother said that it looked nice but she would really like to see all of it. My wife heard her and pulled her bikini bottom down to her knees and asked my mother what she thought. My mother bent down right in front of my wife and asked if she could touch it. My mother and then my father rubbed their fingers on the tattoo. My father and looked at my mother and said that he would love it if she would get a tattoo. My mother asked my wife if she would go with her.
My wife said that all of us should go together. It was strange watching my mother get a tattoo with her panties pulled down.
Driving home my father said he really liked the tattoo that my mother got and said that it was great watching another man tattooing her with his left hand high up on her thigh. Next week both my wife and my mother are planning to get tattoos on their breasts. My father and I can't wait.

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