As I sit here writing this my wife is packing for out weekend getaway. She's trying on different outfits to figure out what to take, so she mostly butt naked as she goes from the bedroom to the closet to the bathroom and back again. She is trying on a bikini at the moment. It's a little skimpy thing that barely covers her tits. She just asked me if it was too small for hotel pool, I told her no. Her tits are a C cup but she's only 5 foot tall and maybe a 110 lbs if she's lucky. So her tits look really big on her frame. Then she buys small bikinis for the bottoms and the tops look like they barley cover her nipples. I told her to wear a see through bikini but she told me fuck no. She keeps running around naked in front of me and I may have to bend her ass over the bed and fuck the shit out of her. That's it, my dick can't take it anymore, I got a go fuck her......

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  • My wife doesn't even bother to wear a bikini in the pool, she swims nude. Then again we live in the country surrounded by trees, no one can see anything, even if they pull in the driveway. She only ever got caught once. She was laying out next to the pool sun tanning nude. Her sisters boyfriend came by to borrow some lawn clippers. He walked around back and walked right up on my wife. He didn't look away and followed my wife into the house talking to her the whole time, just like she was clothed. She was pissed, I thought it was funny. I told her she should take at least a towel out when she tans, but she doesn't.

  • Mine just buys the bottoms most times, and it's more it's a g-string than a bikini bottom. She has one "June Cleaver " bikini (she calls it) for when topless isn't an option. But the best part of her topless back yard pool show, it's contagious. Some of her girlfriends are monkey see monkey do. But not all.

  • About time someone talks about taking their own wife instead of all the other crap people write on here.

  • You two are cute!

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