My wife's tattoos

My wife has the names of her previous sexual partners tattooed on her lower belly. I wanted her to do it and went with her to the tattoo parlor and watched the guy tattoo her. He said that he would cut the price in half if she would fuck him. My wife was very horny and needed to fuck so I said go for it. While he was fucking her the other two tattoo artists came back to see what was going on. They fucked my wife after the first guy finished. Then he tattooed three more names just below her belly button. Now when my wife wears a bikini to the beach the names of the three tattoo artists are visible for everyone to see. If guys ask her about the names she tells them that they all fucked her and if they want to come back home with us she will show them the other names. Once she pulls her bikini bottom down the guys fuck her. More names need to be added and I hope that she gets totally covered in guy's names. It always make me horny when I see the names of all the guys that have fucked her.

3 months ago


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    • My wife has a tramp stamp and she's had a lot of boyfriends before me. Sometimes I wonder how many guys looked at that tattoo while they were giving her doggy.

    • My wife doesn't have any tattoos. She likes to go nude most of the time. But if she did put guys names on her. She would be covered from head to toe. From all the guys she's fucked over the years. But who cares as long as her pussy is good and she knows how to suck cock. When we first got married she used to let guys leave suck marks on her neck and tits. That's about all.

    • My wife needs the names of all the guys she has fucked

    • My wife has stars tattooed on her belly. One for every guy that has fucked her. There were 22 stars when we got married, now there are 37.

    • I wonder if my wife would do that. The problem is we go to Jamaica every year and some of these names are hard to pronounced let alone spell

    • If my wife had the tattoos of every guy that had been between her legs, she would run out of space!

    • My wife and i got married at 25and27 ,she says that she has fucked about 35 guys and 6 women, we have added 5 more men to that list the list will continue as long as i can find well hung chuckhold partners

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