Pool hottie

I'm 45 years old married to a my wife who is 47 years old. She may be pushing 50, but she still has a smoking hot body. She has nice big tits, perfect legs, and she gets a nice golden tan that most women would die to have. She on the other hand has been feeling down for the last couple years due to her age.

We live on a major US highway just outside of a small town in the midwest. Sometimes the Summers can get very hot and humid so I decided to put up an aboveground pool this year. I placed it out in the yard where it's clearly visible from the highway. The first day it was ready my wife put on her bikini and jumped in. It didn't take long before guys started hollering and hooting as they drove by. My wife laid in the pool for probably 2 hours, and in that time I bet she had a dozen are more cars that drove by and either yelled, whistled, or honked as they went by. I told my wife that she was still hot and that was proof right there. She argued and said it was just a single event and didn't prove anything.

The next day she put on her bikini and got in the pool. Once again it didn't take long before guys where hollering and hooting as they drove by. This time she even had a couple guys stop on the highway and backup to get a better look. They took off when I walked out in the yard. I asked my wife if that proved how hot she really is. She smiled and let out a small giggle. After a few hours in the pool, we lost track of how many honks, whistles, and hoots she had received.

Several years prior I had purchased my wife a see-through bikini. It's see-through when it's dry, but almost nonexistent when it's wet. My wife has refused to wear it stating she couldn't wear it in public. After several days of the honk and whistle show, I asked her if she wanted to wear the see-through bikini in the pool. She first asked me if I was crazy, but then warmed to the idea and said she would think about it.

Several days had gone by and to be honest I had totally forgotten about asking her to wear the see-through bikini. It was Sunday afternoon and my wife came out of the bedroom wearing the see-through bikini. She looked amazing and I instantly got a hard on. She went out and hopped in the pool. About 5 minutes after she got in the pool I hear tire screeching and loud hoots and howling, followed by cat calls and whistling. I walk outside to see what is going on and there are 3 different cars stopped on the highway with guys hanging out the window ogling my wife. There are several cars backed up behind them and some are honking to get through. My wife jumped out and covered herself. They all took off when I started to walk toward them. About an hour later a county cop showed up on a report of a naked lady in the pool. We told him we didn't know what they were talking about as my wife was in a normal bikini by then. He recommended that we put up a fence and then left. My wife and I laughed, and then she told me she would only wear the see-through bikini late at night when no one could see. My wife was so excited by the events of the day that we had amazing sex in the pool that night. I think she's starting to realize she still hot for a 47 year old woman.

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  • Quite a few middle aged women in England go for, what they say, dogging at night drawing attention of men along some parts of motorway. Normally, you sit in your car window partially down, showing off your boobs and skirt up to show panties. Interested guys would stop, get down from their car, come nearer to your car, look closer, and fondle your boobs and stroke your pussy. If you fancy more, get down have sex with him. No string attached and you too have your fun alright!!

  • England is a wonderful country.

  • After my hot older sister got divorced, and, at the same time, her job went on strike for 3 months, she wasn't what I'd call down, but, she was definitely not her usual, upbeat self. She liked to lay out and tan in sexy, string or thong bikinis, so, I took advantage of that to lift her spirits. She ate up attention anyway, and I started off by suggesting and joining her in laying out on her apartment deck. Even for a side road, it was busy with cars, and, several horny, teen and early 20s young guys.

    They'd drive by and honk and yell, and the guys would walk past her several times..Not bothering to hide that they were staring at her body each time, and, some making quick comments like "So hot", and one guy "You fine!". That helped, but I didn't think did enough, so told her..We're going to the state park to lay out, but first..We're going to get you the tiniest, sexiest, most exposing bikini we can find, and I'm buying it for you. Maybe get a few for variety. Which we did. I had her in barely-there, barely legal bikinis that had guys falling over themselves, hooting, commenting, coming up to us and not leaving..Just showing her off to any and all who wanted to see her damn near naked body.

    We started finding more parks and populated places to lay out and tan (and show her off), and went to a boat launch beach one weekend after getting her a tiny, wicked weasel-type bikini. I told her to strip down to it at the car and walk around like that until we found our spot to lay out, and she did. Cars in the parking lot were beeping, two guys offered to take her on their boat (without me, of course), and other propositions flew around.

    After the strike ended, she told me how much taking her out, and, yeah, showing her off, helped her, and..We didn't need to stop doing it. And we didn't.

  • My wife's daughter loves to come over and swim in our pool. She always wears a slinky bikini that just barely covers anything. She's not real skinny, but she's not chubby either. She has just the right amount of curves to give her big tits and a nice round ass. Her and my wife will lay by the pool or in the pool for hours with their hot tits and asses on display. Makes my dick hard as fuck watching them. But what's funny is watching our teenage sons friends when they come over. They lose their brains and can't even talk. Probably because all the blood is in the penises.

  • My husband and I were planning a vacation to the Keys and I needed a new bikini. I went and picked out a nice plain white bikini for the way it contrasts with my tan. The first day we went to the beach I kept getting looks from all the guys. I was enjoying all the attention and kept kidding my husband about all the competition he would have. The temperature was very hot, so I would normally take a dip in the wat, then lay out until I dried, and then take a dip again. The second day I was again met with guys smiling and looking my way, I was in heaven. Finally at the end of the second day my husband and I walked back to the room. Unlike the day before I wasn't wearing a cover up this time, so when I walked by a large mirror in the hotel lobby I noticed myself. The white bikini that I had purchased and was now wearing was sheer. When it was dry you couldn't see anything, but get it wet and it became very see through. The guys on the beach could see everything I had. My husband knew this the whole time and never said anything.

  • My 40 year old wife has always had a very hairy pussy a dark brown triangle.
    When we are on holiday it always amazes me how much interest her hairy pussy gets.
    She has now started to modify her swimsuits & bikinis by cutting & resewing round the legs to expose more of her lush pubic hair.
    In these days when the majority of women are waxed & shaved she gets a lot of looks when she is relaxing by the pool or walking to the sea.

  • Her hairy pussy would surely get my attention! Is her asshole hairy too?

  • Yes it is and she has a snail trail up her belly

  • Do you eat her ass? I don’t think I hold down a job b/c I’d spend all my time rimming her hairy holes, especially her asshole. You are blessed

  • Thank you I am blessed. She has a beautiful ass & loves to have it tongued. I do spend hours rimming here holes.

  • Ahh,, can stop thinking of that treasure trail. My cock is getting hard just picturing it.

  • When we go to a holiday resort once a year my wife stains her pubes a jet black and wears a see through when wet costume we always leave our towel's a fare walk from the pool and she really gets plenty of guys even some girls perving on her, so horny because when she sunbathes next to me she ensures her pubic hairs are hanging out the side, so good

  • Pussy hair sticking outside of her bathing suit is sooo hot!

  • Your wife sounds awesome. Keep it up! I've seen a few of my friends' wives in bikinis or swimsuits at summer parties and it's awesome. None of them wear anything too skimpy but it doesn't matter. It doesn't take much of an imagination to think about what they look like nude when their fine asses are on display and their tits are bulging out of their tops.

  • My boyfriend bought me a bikini, white, very cute, little wooden beads on the end of the strings. I was so excited to wear it. Finally end of the day a friend of his gets a little too close and starts touching me, saying how great my suit looks. I had no idea it was completely see thru. All day my slit had been totally visible. I felt bad for being such a tease all day. It ended up ok though, my boyfriend let me fuck his friend in the back seat on the way home.

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