She's flirty

My wife is always just a bit of a flirt. She loves when the conversation with men is about her. The truth is it normally is anyway, because most of our friends are older and most of the wives are heavier. Not that being heavy is a bad thing , it's one of those things that my wife is very well put together. We were having a few people over for football on Sunday , when she came into the rec room. It was just John, Eric and myself . She looked amazing the guys couldn't concentrate on the game. She was wearing tight pants and a tight shirt that really showed off her amazing body. That's when I remembered that she had a package from Amazon or whatever , I had tossed it behind the bar. When I told her she jumped up and screeched. Grabbed the package and was noticablly happy. So of course I asked what was in it. She told us that she had bought some bikinis on line and had been waiting for them. We have planned on going Hawaii in a few weeks for vacation. Eric put his hands out and said well are you going to show us. She opened the package and held up one , that's when John says no no we were hoping you would model them for us she looked at me I just shrugged my shoulders. I didn't believe that she would actually do it. I watched her walk away with the package. To my surprise a few minutes later she walked back in wearing a bikini. Her statement was this is the one I chose for like walking around and sight seeing. My eyebrows went straight up , the guys eyes were bugging out. Wholy crap she looked hot. Then she turned and walked away the guys and I high five each other. Minutes later I heard something I noticed that the guys were literally staring behind me with their mouths open. When I turned around she was walking slowly towards us wearing the skimpiest string bikini I had ever seen. It barely covered her nipples and had just a tiny triangle patch of material by her pussy. Wholy fuck I said. Damn the guys said almost in unison. I watched in amazement as she twirled around showing off. I can write the rest if any one is interested.

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  • I was overwhelmed of course excited but still worried. She was virtually naked. She started sitting on laps and asking everyone what they thought about her little bikini. We all gave her so many compliments. All of a sudden she turned to me and said honey would it be okay with you if they felt the material to see how soft it is. I thought what material the whole bikini could fit in my change pocket of my jeans. I just nodded yes. And with that they were all over her. Soon she was passed around like a joint her tiny top and bottoms were off the guys were getting their dicks out and she ended up riding one right in front of me. Amazing to say the least I grabbed my phone and started recording as I tried to undress with one hand.

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