The cleaning lady

The cleaning lady at the company i work with is going to retire. Bless her soul. She has been a great asset of ours and we wish her well at her next pasture. This means we were looking for a new cleaning lady.
My colleagues informed me the new cleaning lady was a young moroccan woman by the name of S. When i first laid eyes on her, i was flabbergasted by how good she looked. Big green eyes, long hair, short with perky boobs and a peachy shapes butt. She could sweep under my desk any day.
Seeing as i am fairly high placed in our organisation, I am mandatory to dress smart, which she obviously likes. We started locking eyes, smiling and greeting eachother. Nothing out of the ordinary.
After a while, she asked me for my instagram, which i gladly gave. We started dm’ing and i learned she is divorced at 27 and has trouble adapting to dating life in western countries. After some time our texts started to become more personal to the point where she told me she only has been with 1 guy, her ex husband.
Seeing as i am 31 and married, my senses started to think about how she would feel pinned against the wall of my office. She didn’t know i was married and went on flirting with me even more.
Last christmas we were having a drink with management when she sent me several photo’s of her extremely sexy christmas outfits and asked if i liked them.
Being a bit buzzed, i replied that i would love to see them in person, next to you.
She asked me to come over, seeing as she lives fairly close to the office. When i arrived, my mind was running wild. Being a 1m86, 109kg muscular man vs a 1m63 58kg woman, i can be very intimidating. I took off her clothes and took her to the bedroom. After unbuttening my shirt, she took of my trousers where a 23cm, 9cm thick cock was waiting for her. She was a bit afraid at first, but after some fingering and licking her cunt, she was wet enough to take me in. I must say that i have never had a pussy that tight before. The fact that she had almost no experienxe at 29, but was so willing to get fucked, made her an amazing fuck. This went on for a year. At her house, at work, in the car… she couldn’t get enough.
One day, however, after i was fucking her on my desk, i got a call from my wife and she saw my lockscreen.
She confronted me with the fact that i was married and threatened to tell her. Before all my cum dripped out of her and was dried up, i got her fired to avoid her to ever contacting my wife.

To this day i feel awefull for abusing my power like that.

2 months ago

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    • When we had our beach house on the Cape we had a short perky cleaning girl from Tunisia. Also about 29, so hot. My dad told me we *bought* her but I didn't realize he was joking! I thought you could do that, what did I know, I was rich and 14. So I told her to get on her back on the sofa and I fucked the shit out of her, did so all summer. When we got back to CP West in the fall I told this to my dad and he was aghast, he wasn't SERIOUS that we owned her! But then he laughed. He said he fucked her too AND her teen daughter! What a king.

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