Can’t help fantasizing about my boyfriend’s best friend

Just to be clear: I’ve never cheated on anybody, and I would definitely not cheat on my current boyfriend. We’re going through a rough patch right now and I can’t help but fantasize about his best friend, with whom I’m kinda close with. My bf has more of a stocky build and put on a lot of weight during quarantine, whereas his best friend is tall (very tall) and wiry. Let’s call my boyfriend Brad and his friend Florian. Florian recently posted on his instagram story shirtless and omg. He was wearing black nail polish too, which I find very sexy. I can’t help but imagine Florian backing me into a corner, kissing me roughly, throwing me on his bed and fucking me hard and fast. I’ve also imagined having sex with Brad and Florian at the same time before, with me sucking Florian’s dick while Brad would fuck me from behind.

It’s not like my sex life with Brad is boring in any way, in fact it’s quite the opposite. But I’m also kind of attracted to his Florian, even though I would never consider him as a potential boyfriend. I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest lol.

1 month ago

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    • So you want to be a hateful whore, but don't have the guts. Check.

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