I’m 23 female and can’t make up my mind if I want male or female.
I’ve only had sex twice with males and once with female and that was 4 years ago.
Every time I get close to a male thinking this is what I want I back away telling myself it’s female I want and the same when I get close to a female.
If I watch porn both sex turns me on I just can’t bring myself to actually having sex with anyone.

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  • At the very least, you have intimacy issues. Seek some help from a professional.

  • I’d suggest abstinence from both until your head clears.

  • You've allready had sex with another woman, which means you will burn in Hell for all eternity, so why worry about it now? Just mindlessly spread eagle for anything that comes along, and enjoy this life while you can.

  • Oh no the the porn police is here

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