I really like going in sewers

Since i was very young i had the pleasant feeling about muddy places and would often sneak out just to play in mud. When i got through puberty, i don't know why but i started liking to masturbate in mud. This day i was walking around wasting time and i go by this open sewer canal close by home. I've seen it before several times, but i don't know why that time i thought about going in, and i did. The streets were empty and i figured no one would see me. The place was very nasty and full of sludge at the bottom witch got me freaked out so i left. After i left i was already stinking of sewage but it didn't bother me that much. I couldn't think of anything else for a good part of that day, i just wanted to go back in there.
Some days later i built up the courage to put some old clothes and go and some time sewers. When i went in, i was more relaxed and the sludge didn't felt as threatening. I waded a bit around to find a deeper spot and settled when it got waist deep. As i waded in the sludge lots of bubbles from the botton would rise up and they smelled pretty bad witch at that point was something pleasant. It felt like giant farts coming from below me. The water in the canal was pitch black but you could make some of the things floating there. A lot of brown little specs in the water that had a familiar aspect to them. I remember it was all so overwhelming i didn't even put two and two together untill i start fiddling with a clump of scum on the water. It was a clear brown and it was loosely clumped together. As i fiddled with it i started noticing what was in there. There was some condoms, nasty but unsurprising, condomsare everywhere in a trashy place, some fiber like stuff and weirdest of all, corn. What would corn be doing here? And then it became obvious where that corn came from as i remembered what my poop looked like when i ate corn. I remember the feeling of excitement instead of panic.
There i was, literally covered in shit and i was enjoying, just fiddling with stuff people flushed. I remember how the smell was sometimes overpowering but whatever i did wouldn't make me nauseous. I masturbated 3 times. Every time i cummed i would leave the water in a hush to clean myself but in the process of cleaning i would convince i myself to spend some more time in there. I decided to take a dump in the second time and never have i ever played with my own poop that much untill then. I Would smear it on my croch out of the water and mix it up with the sludge and get messy with it all. Playing with my poop there didn't felt dirty at all. I was having fun though and through.
I left there with a absolute stench of sewage and while i was getting home (my parents weren't there at the time) i remember to have pondered if i should go back in the sewer just for a little longer. Since then I've gone in several different sewers, sometimes even just to explore. There was this one time i even went in a septic tank like the guy that made a video in a full latex suit, but i went skinny-dip. I have tons of fun in the sewers and it always crack me up finding traces of poop and other nasty stuff in there.
So far as deseases go there were a couple of times i got scrated and those times i would leave to clean it asap. I always had a no touching the face rule implied when i went sewer-wading so i didn't catch anything significant, though i did catch a cold after going in a particular cold day.

2 months ago

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    • Yes...it’s time you got into scat and pee. Sewage is cold...you need a hot steaming turd...right out of the hole....see it coming out slowly, open your mouth and feel it’s slimy warmth....then some hot piss to wash it down...while you wank away

    • I really like playing with my turds but i can never find the guts to eat it. I let it sit still for awhile in my mouth but be it sour or something else, i can never swallow. I do pick my but and lick it. Like picking my nose but nastier. Do you have any tips for eating a whole turd?

    • Chew it up, use some Tabasco sauce on it

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