Fun at the supermarket

My husband and I are both 36. We've been married 4 years and I've been cheating with my friends daughter for 7months. She's 19 beautiful, hair down to her bum which i love to pull back while i kiss her neck. Obviously we can't make out whenever or wherever we want. So once a week we go shopping in a supermarket. Then we pop into the toilets, and while nobody is around, we go in a cubicle together and quietly make out. Its such a thrill when somebody walks in, and im lapping away at her clit, ever so gently not to alert people. Sometimes she moans, so i have to stop. Then its her turn to get her tongue in my pussy while i tweak her nipples. If we have enough time, We buy a cucumber and sneak it in there. I always buy the thickest one, then we go bum to bum while each end is inside us. My friend would fucking kill me if she found out.

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  • Wow turn on

  • You do know that homosexuality is a sin, as is adultry, which is also a legal violation? Just checking.

  • Bless ha ha! I don't give a rats ass, i have this beautiful cunt to sniff and lick :)

  • Sounds like an ad for pussy perfume. The sniff and lick.

  • Wish I was your friend.

  • Mmmm

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