I Wanted Her Brother.

I'm a gay high school boy that's not openly gay. I live in an urban city in a 12th floor condominium with my parents and older sister. I've been letting this boy who's younger than me, watch from a window of a building behind and one floor above, me masturbate and play sexually with myself. He doesn't know that I know he's watching. I do this nearly every day around 4pm untill my parents come home, sometimes for hours, he never stops watching. His older sister watches at times when he's not around. I think she knows that I see her watching. She'll step back a little from the window and take her top and bra off. Being that she's my age and we've talked at school maybe twice, I asked her to go to a show with me which she gladly accepted. At the show I could tell she wanted me to be what she perceived a boy would try to do with a girl, didn't happen though. I got to meet her younger brother through her where she lived. He stares at me when I'm there all the time, he thinks I'm dating his sister. Well, this one day when I seen him watching me as he often does, I moved closer to my window and motioned to him with a smile. He was startled and stepped back, I knew he was still there. I stepped back and again started masturbating and when he came closer to his window I also moved closer to mine and motioned with a smile again, this time he acknowledged me and quickly disappeared from sight. I got to talk with him the other day near a park by our home, told him I so loved showing him me being sexually like that, he at first didn't acknowledge he was watching untill I told him I could see that he was. I put my arm over his shoulder and pulled him closer and he smiled, told him I was a gayboy. Asked if he wanted to hang with me in my room and play some video games, he said okay and we went back to my room. I showed him his window from mine and he said, "I can't believe you can see that much in my window". I replied I can and put my arm on his shoulder saying, want to see me closer, he said "I don't know" and had a nervious look about him. I touched his pants fly and I could feel he was getting aroused, I opened my fly and let him see my now hard penis putting his hand on it. I opened his pants and we went to my bed where we truly had a once in a lifetime feeling of love toward each other. Am I wrong to have led this boy's older sister to believe I liked her just to get closer to her younger brother...? Was I wrong to have intentionally masturbated and sexually play with myself knowing this boy was watching...? Am I wrong to have taken this boy to my room knowing I so desired him sexually and not really knowing him as a person...? We are now friends that trust and appreciate each other. Both of us not openly gay but are gayboy's for sure. We are sexual with each other but must be careful others' not suspect this. Please comment if you want and please don't question our ages, I'm in high school and he's younger, not like there's this big age difference.


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  • What have you two done with each other, sexually?

  • You know, we do what gayboy's do, like on the internet, but not everything. We both love kissing, sometimes for hour's. I'm the first boy in his life to have touched him, to get him to ejaculate. I'm not sure about this but that's what he tells me. He is so sweet and I truly know he so love's being with me. He will try being alone with me as much as he can, knowing that we'll kiss and touch sexually. He likes being more of a boy with me which I so desire, even though he's shorter than me and has a smaller penis. He does let me use my finger to penetrate him, but not truly sure he would submit sexually in that way to me. He hasn't tried to penetrate me but when he so desires to I willingly will let him do so. Next week both our parent's will be away and we plan to be together the entire week. For me it's so arousing, to have this precious sweet boy who's smaller and more boy, above me and being so sexually aroused. It's a feeling that presents as a first sexually blissful one every time. I am starting to think his older sister suspects what we are doing, but not really sure. Maybe it's me feeling guilt about this in some way... I know she would willingly give herself sexually to me, she still comes to her little brother's window to see if I'm there which at time's I am. I so love being a pretty gayboy, to be sexual with such a beautiful boy who's so sweet with me.

  • I let my gay friend give me head to but I don't return the favor

  • Does he return the favor ? ☺

  • If this question mentioned is for me, then the answer is yes, he so lovingly takes his pleasure from my body as I do from his.

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