Gross Confessions

Still a huge mystery

So this ended up happening when I was 16, even now it's a big mystery what exactly happened. My parents were having company over and I'm not exactly sure who they were, to be honest I didn't really care and when my dad told me I wasn't really listening. So I was getting ready to take a shower and my friends we're going to pick me up to take me to... [more]

12 yo whore daughter

My daughter is 12 years old and absolutely the nastiest whore I have ever met. I have caught her over 100 times sending nudes via all social media platforms. She has profiles on stranger fuck sights and uses them. She is feeding the Pedophiles Community of our whole town. We have even found her two towns away. She has thought she was pregnant... [more]

Secret I Never Told 2

So I was going on vacation to the ocean with my parents, while I was there I was looking into getting some work as a plus size model, I was really excited because it wasn't anything I've ever done before. So I was really upset when I found out that I wasn't going to be able to do it my mom told me that dad had to go back to work and we we're... [more]

My wife is our dogs bitch

I developed a migraine at work and had a co-worker drive me home. When I went up to the bedroom I walked in on my wife bent over on the edge of the bed and our dog fucking her. I was upset but instead of pulling them apart I held the dog inside her and made him knot her. It hurt so bad she was begging me to get them apart somehow.

Too much lube

Back in my early twenties, I had always wanted to try anal sex, but none of my girlfriends were willing. Then one night, I finally caught a break. My girlfriend was out of town for a couple of nights so me and a couple of buds went for a few drinks. I met this decent looking chick, she was a little bit heavy, but still very sexy, and very... [more]

Tasting my own pussy

I am addicted to tasting my own pussy, I constantly finger myself and lick my fingers, I deliberately don't wash as it tastes better! When I masterbate I collect my juice on a spoon, then eat it off the spoon! I'm not a lesbian I like men but I meet girls off the internet so I can lick them, I don't like myself for doing this but I can't stop!

Son has been saving semen

I was cleaning my son's room today, since he hasn't done it in ages, and discovered a 8 oz jar of liquid under the bed--it was semen. That he has been jerking off into a jar and saving it is disgusting. As his mother, I am mortified. My son is disgusting. I feel like I'm going to throw up just writing about this.

I need help

Im 10. Im a girl. I have no idea how i found this website, onyl that im weird. I really need help, I have too much hormones, causing me to watch urg .. porn. My parents dotn know, Im too young to thing about this. i need help, please. I have to stop this, and figure otu WHY am i doing this. Please help me

My friends dog

My friends dog sits and licks himself until his penis sticks out. Then he gets up and humps the air real hard then he sits down and licks himself some more. Yesterday he started licking himself on the couch between my friend and me. She and I both started laughing at him. Then she dared me to touch it. I didn’t want to but she said she had before... [more]

I like a woman's natural body odor

I much prefer a woman's natural body odor to perfumes, soaps, and deodorants. I know, most people might think it's kinda gross but I really think it smells good. Especially if she hasn't showered for a day or two.

Clean it, FFS

Our son has been masturbating. I heard him playing porn vids in his room while he had the door closed. I told my husband about this, and he suggested that we get him something called a fleshlight. I didn't know wtf those were until my husband showed me online. I said ok, let's pick one up. We brought it home and put it on his dresser... [more]

How wrong is this

Before me and my gf met she met a guy on online the guy scared her and made her take nudes and send them to him he said he was going to make her have sex with all of his friends for money, the thought of that sadly turned me on when I found out about it 😕 like I pictured her being forced on to a wall by 5 guys and fucked in every way possible... [more]

What’s it like to fuck a horse?

I’m a 27 year old guy from the UK, and I’ve dreamt about getting pounded by a horse since I was I kid. I watch horse porn online, and that’s ok, but what does it feel like to actually have a horse inside you?

Found out too much

We were just married in May , and went back to the wife's home town where I met all her old friends. That's when I found out that she had a slutty reputation , she has had sex with multiple different guys sometimes at the same time. The worst part is I found out she gave men rim Jobs alot of men.

Came All over My Wife

Last night I was having a great fuck with my wife when for some reason I took my cock out and came all over her. It went all over her, her stomach, her tits, her face and in her hair. She screamed and went crazy. She hated it and is still furious with me.
I know I shouldn't have dome it and I understand why she is so upset but I can't help... [more]

Sisters wedding something happened

My sisters wedding. Two weekends ago on a Saturday afternoon it had been my sisters wedding day to her Fiance of 3 years, The wedding venue an amazing two nights from Friday to the Sunday morning in some log cabins in the middle of a forest in the New Forest. Well I'm 13 Female almost 14 in November and my cousin (Charlotte) on my mothers side she... [more]

I had sex with my bro

I'm a 15 year old girl and bisexual. I think my brother is hot so I send nudes to him and said wanna see them in your room? He was 14. One thing led to another,At the end I sucking my brothers big cock. We did anal, normal sex without a condom. And I swallowed his cum. I let him suck my tits and forced him to lick up and down my pussy. We had a... [more]


Dunno how people may think about this but I'm a student and want to expose myself to others and like to wear short dress were people can see my body parts and my boobs needs a hand every tym i like exposing my boobs completely nudely to people around me and once i decided to show to a man who is a neighbor and wore a netted dress and wen he came... [more]

I would love to lick every pussy i see

I love to lick pussy, my greatest fantasy is to meet a group of friends and have them take turns riding my face until they all cum. They dont even have to be pretty or fit, i like all pussy. I know this is gross but eating pussy is my passion.

Main Ingredient

My wife and I recently had my buddy and his wife over for dinner. I've never admitted it to anyone, but I've always been majorly attracted to my friend's wife. She is everything that my wife is not: gorgeous, smart, long legs, firm boobs, blonde. She is beautiful in every way. I still can't figure out how my friend was able to attract her... [more]

Embarrassing flappy excess skin

I'm a female 5"5 aged 35. I used to weigh 700 lbs and was bed bound at my heaviest. Iv allways been pear shaped and the 1st place my fat goes to is my lower body and the last place is my boobs :-( .anyway in just under a year and a half I managed to lose 255 lbs. Such an amazing achievement and I'm soo proud of myself. The only problem is I'm... [more]

Dogging fantasy

I've got a fantasy I want to make happen. I want to find a well-known park where voyeur men go to jerk off. I'd get out of my car, bend over and pull my skirt up. No panties, I'd have a dildo up my cunnie with a vibrator against my clit and any man could do anything they want with my asshole. Finger it, lick it, suck it, tongue fuck it, fist it... [more]

Women with hairy asshole

I think women that don’t groom down by their asshole is gross. I once went out with a girl that was had more hair than me. I love to lick a nice clean shave asshole.

Bad anal

I was hanging with my girlfriend and she was in the kitchen making breakfast and looking fine in her sexy panties. I pulled out my cock and asked if she was up for a quickie, and she said, "Sure, but let's make it quick, I'm busy."
I pulled down her panties and asked if I could fuck her in the ass. She said okay. I started plowing away in her... [more]

My Girl unleashed her bowls in front of me

I confess while I was just a teenager , that I had this huge crush on a girl , what did not occur to me was she also had a huge crush on me as well . One day I went to visit her grandma house and I found out she and her mom were visiting there as well , seeing as her grandma used to be my Babysitter. I was in one of the guest bedrooms and she came... [more]

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