Better sooner than later

When I was way littler my mom married my step-dad, he's pretty cool. He comes from a rural area that even has mountains and is mostly a lot warmer than the state we live in which only has a few summer months that's warm. We went to visit his family after him and mom got married and it's funny because all the kids who were mostly older thought I was sick because they're all tan and I wasn't at all. Some of the older boys took me swimming and they swim in a creek that's got a few deep pools. We were all naked and the guys were doing stuff with other guys and me too. Every time I hung out with them it was the same "Let's get Little Pants to s*ck us" or "Let's fu*ck Little Pants." Where I come from none of the boys I know ever even did anything like that, at least not till I got older and was in middleschool maybe? We still go down there in the winter and they still get "Little Pants" to s*ck and f*ck. If the guys knew from my school they'd sure make fun of me.

3 months ago

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