Hershey Stains

I love love love my wife's pussy, and the creamy white to golden pee stains she leaves in her dirty panties. But, and I mean Butt, I have begun getting extra aroused by her asshole scents. To the point that I look forward to her getting sloppy wiping her ass, or even better (in my fantasy), maybe not wiping her ass at all! Her poop only wasting toilet paper to clean her bottom. To be honest, I want deep rich brown and 3D shit stains on her filthy, wrecked panties! I masturbate with them, sniff them, taste them (or fully clean them with my tongue), and occasionally I come in them to repeat the above. I don't want to eat her shit directly from her asshole, but I do want her extra stains and poop left in her underwear. I can't begin to explain it. Even now, I stroke myself as I hold her panties to my nose.

Apr 17

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    • Once my wife just took a big shit on me, a steaming pile right out of her ass. I smeared it all over my chest and cock, then jacked off with my dick and hand covered in shit.. my god I cummed so hard.

    • I love my gf's dirty panties and grab them as she removes them.
      Hot off the pussy and spicy piss smell is my fav.
      She keeps her azzhole clean so no skiddies

    • I love asshole stained panties. Never tasted them and won’t, but the smell makes my cock very hard and I have to jerk off when I whiff them. White cotton full are the best or thongs are great too

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