Pooped myself while driving

Ever since I was in my teens I have gotten turned on by soiling my underwear, don't ask me why, because I have no idea. Sometimes I do some more daring stuff, like the time I pooped myself while drive and just kept driving.

I got the idea one morning when I had kept my poop for two days and saved it for something special, I just didn't know what that special thing would be. Until I looked out my window and saw my car. I drank a lot of liquid to make sure I could pee as well before I left, I prepared a plastic sheet for my seat and then I drove off. I didn't plan on going anywhere so I just drove around, at one point I stopped at a gas station to get another drink.

After a while I was getting desperate so shortly after stopping by a red light, I lifted my butt a little and lit it rip. It was messy, and it was a lot of poo. My car stank, but I didn't mind. I sat down and mushed it out all over my butt and I could feel it soaking through my jeans. The light turned green and I kept on driving, and while I was driving I started peeing slowly. Eventually there was a puddle around me that splashed a little whenever I turned. I kept driving like that for hours. I passed so many people who had no idea what I had done and the thought just made my pussy wet.

Eventually I drove back home, tied a jacket around my waist and walked to my front door. When I got inside I showered and masturbated until I screamed. That was a good day.

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    • I watched a girl shitting in a video once. Her ass looked so good and that shit coming out of it made it look even better. She had a sexy, shitty, pretty ass. All I could think about was where can I find a girl like that.

    • Love watching videos of women shitting

    • Not intentional, but, was drunk one night and drove home from my usual bar (less than 2 miles from home). Felt ok to drive, but..Wasn't smart enough to take a dump before leaving the bar. Hit the first red light, which is very long, tried holding it in, figuring would drive behind the shopping center and drop a dump there.

      I didn't make it to the shopping center. After rounding a turn, my insides and ass had their own ideas, and, I shit all the hell over my jeans and seat. Wasn't worth getting mad, so, I laughed it off, and finished on the way home. Cleaned myself, and the car, at 2am.

    • This is one of the hottest things I've read. Would love to hear more

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