I Want to Wallow in a Deep Mud Pit

I've seen multiple videos of girls covering themselves in mud, and I REALLY want to try it! It looks like it would feel amazing! Sometimes I sneak out late at night after a good rain, and roll around in the little bit of mud by my house. I do enjoy that, but it's not really what I want. Other times I use something like chocolate cake mix to spread over myself and mimic the soft mud. Again, it's enjoyable, but it's not what I'm after

I want to find a spot of really soft and goopy mud that I can really cover myself with! I'd probably wear some super cute clothes too, like a pink dress or something! I don't want to actually drown or get stuck, but maybe something that's like waist deep. I want that super creamy and gooey texture that I can completely cover my body and my clothes with! I want to be able to lay on my back and masturbate as the brown sludge engulfs my entire body! I want to be able to swim in it! I want to hear all of the slapping mud sounds with every movement I make! This has been on my secret bucket list of experiences for a long time

19 days

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