Gross Confessions

Have question for married men

My husband has always peed on me when we showered together, the last couple year's it's gotten a little extreme. Do other men pee on their wives ?

Are there any girls who will send panties

I love to sniff lick and rub dirty panties on my cock.
They smell and taste so good it feels so good to come and them.
I have been trying to find someone who will send me a pair of their dirty panties.
I love to taste them discharge that leaks out of the vagina that white discharge taste so good it makes my dick so hard.
If you will... [more]

Found out too much

We were just married in May , and went back to the wife's home town where I met all her old friends. That's when I found out that she had a slutty reputation , she has had sex with multiple different guys sometimes at the same time. The worst part is I found out she gave men rim Jobs alot of men.

I love dirty underwear

Are there any moms or dads out there with young daughters.
I am going to get right to the point I am trying to find any mom's or Dad's to send me a pair of their daughter's dirty panties I love to sniff and lick their dirty panties especially little Hello Kitty panties or frozen panties or any kind of Disney panties or any panties with cute... [more]

Fuck you all.

All the guys who have hurt me.
jordon at the gym, matt the dr and the ambulance young guy I liked didn't even want a hug or thankyou card. the young police officer who came to see me didn't even want my love. see this is because I am fat. if I was thin and pretty they would want me. If I was rich they would be all over me.
why? why did you... [more]

What is with bestiality?

What is the attraction/appeal to sexual relations with animals??? Seriously...

Son has been saving semen

I was cleaning my son's room today, since he hasn't done it in ages, and discovered a 8 oz jar of liquid under the bed--it was semen. That he has been jerking off into a jar and saving it is disgusting. As his mother, I am mortified. My son is disgusting. I feel like I'm going to throw up just writing about this.

Came All over My Wife

Last night I was having a great fuck with my wife when for some reason I took my cock out and came all over her. It went all over her, her stomach, her tits, her face and in her hair. She screamed and went crazy. She hated it and is still furious with me.
I know I shouldn't have dome it and I understand why she is so upset but I can't help... [more]

Main Ingredient

My wife and I recently had my buddy and his wife over for dinner. I've never admitted it to anyone, but I've always been majorly attracted to my friend's wife. She is everything that my wife is not: gorgeous, smart, long legs, firm boobs, blonde. She is beautiful in every way. I still can't figure out how my friend was able to attract her... [more]

I would love to lick every pussy i see

I love to lick pussy, my greatest fantasy is to meet a group of friends and have them take turns riding my face until they all cum. They dont even have to be pretty or fit, i like all pussy. I know this is gross but eating pussy is my passion.

Just So She Doesn't Forget The Taste

My wives sex drive has diminished BADLY and we never connect at all anymore. I have talked to her, tried many different approaches (kind & sweet, loving, hot & heavy, rough, dates, massages etc etc etc). She simply has lost interest in sex, not in, me but in sex. She doesn't masturbate and claims that she doesn't fantasize about other men... [more]

Son has been fucking fruit

My son is really bad at cleaning his room, and last week I had enough of it, so I went and did it myself. As I was throwing away piles of paper and crap from his desk, I came across some somewhat moldy oranges. They were unpeeled at the top, and had what looked like holes drilled into them, though they were uneaten. I was dumbfounded, like WTF is... [more]

Wondering how she is

My buddy and I were in Seattle to watch a baseball game. Afterwards we hit some local bars. We decided to cut through some alleys on the way back to the hotel. We came across a passed out woman who had been obviously been throwing up , she wreaked of alcohol and we suspected that she was on drugs too. We then could hear sounds of guys coming... [more]

Her first number 2 in a diaper

I only allow my wife to use the toilet once in the morning when we first wake and again in the early evening. The rest of the time she has to hold it or use the diaper.
We were having an evening out when she said she had to ask special permission.
What for I asked.
I need to do number 2 she said.
Can't you hold it I said.
I have... [more]

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