Let them watch

Hogged up in masturbation on the sound of my friends very pretty daughters ( not minors) whispering and giggling just outside the bathroom door. I turned a blind eye to the bathroom door silently unlocking from the outside, the door imperceptibly inching open bit by bit and two pairs of pretty eyes transfixed on my wanking penis. They watched me all the way through to ejaculation, clean up and getting dressed. When I turned to come out they were gone, they just went down stairs and sat with their parents. Nothing was ever said, but every time I visited my friend's house the exact same thing happened every time, until one day my friend and his wife said his daughters tell them everything and appologised for their behaviour adding "If you want to let them watch let them watch" I was so embarrassed and mumbled something and never went back.

3 months ago

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    • Wtf

    • Even if it wasn't minors, if I was their father I would have beat your ass and cut your balls off! First for jacking it while my family was there. Then for not stopping and slamming the door shut!

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