Fun with Friend’s Female Family

One time I was 18 and my friend told his 25-year-old sister that the two of us were going to drop in after a bit. She came to the door wearing only a towel. They acted totally normal and chit chatted and we hung around for like twenty minutes. At one point I was sitting on the couch and she sat on the arm of the couch so the towel rode up to show all of her thigh.

Later that afternoon I went back by myself with a flimsey excuse. She answered in a robe and asked me if I wanted something to drink. While she got it I told her she looked nice in a towel. She said she was hoping I’d like it. I said I was hoping it would fall off. She said “Like this? and dropped her robe and was naked. She had a small frame and a great body and gorgeous vagina. We grabbed each other and she pulled out my dick and we fuckeed right there with my clothes still on. Then I said I better get going.

Weeks later I was staying over at my friend’s place, his other sister was there while he went out on an errand. I knew this girl for a long time because she was close to my age and she developed into a thicker but hot and beautiful young woman. We were always flirty since always. I told her I’m getting a shower and that I put a towel in the dryer to warm it up so could she come and place it on the counter when it’s ready. She said ok and when she did I had the curtain so she could see me in the mirror. My penis was not erect but on its way there so she paused and talked to me for a bit while I showered and she looked at it. When I got out I went to her in the kitchen and took her sweatpants and pulled them down slow and then fucked her from behind against the counter. We both said we wanted to do that for a long time.

After he was married I did the same shower/warm towel thing with his wife. We didn’t fuck but she enjoyed getting an eyeful and told me so.

Aug 7
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    • Didn't know that my daughter had a friend sleep over, usually when that happens they sleep in the basement game room. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I sleep in the nude and didn't think about it as the bathroom door was open and only the night lite was on.
      As I walked in around the corner there sits my daughter's friend on the toilet, just as naked as I was. She wasn't as taken aback as I was, she says I guess I'm not the only one that sleeps in nude, I mumbled something and was backing off, she says no, I'm done.
      The she does the slowest most exaggerated pussy wiping. I was frozen, just mesmerized, I should have gotten out of the way as that happens to be a tight space, but this young girl acted so casual, and sexual, her body and hand brushed by my stiffening cock. That stopped there, looked me in eye and gave me one of the sexist come hither smiles I ever got. Then went back to the bedroom.
      Never said a thing about it. Wouldn't have done any good, no one would have believed me and I'd be called a pervert.
      Still that was one of the finest pussys that I was privileged to see, oh and her breasts were superb too.

    • My wife's 17 yr old sister came out one morning in a towel after her shower.
      I heard her coming down the hall, she asked my sister, "is this OK- I just need to get some things from the dryer?"
      My 30 yr old wife said - "sure, Tom won't look!"
      I was sitting at the kitchen table when very cute sis walked through to the laundry room - just off the kitchen.
      Sister bent fully at the waist to dig into the depths of that front-load dryer - and that towel slid up and I had several seconds of the most inviting look at my wife's little sister's very cute teenage butt. She was wearing a pair of red boy-short panties, lace, and they were fully imbedded in the crack of her sweet ass! Two very nice youthful cheeks on full display.
      Of course - my luck ended when my wife glanced at me from the sink and walked over behind me to see what was so interesting in the laundry room.
      Looking with me at her sister's butt, she said - "for Pete's sake Tom - she's just a kid! "
      I sighed, "yeah.....but.."
      Wife said - "she's going to be with us all summer, until school starts - so you'll have to get used to her ways."
      I tried mightily not to have any smile in my voice, when I said, "OK!"
      That summer was one I'll never want to forget.
      My wife finally figured out why she was getting an increase in bedroom attention that summer.
      "MEN!" she said....

    • Same thing happened to me....sort of.
      I was dating my wife, went to a party. At the party this sexy young girl sar on the couch across from me in her miniskirt. Pretty soon she was wiggling all around talking to people beside and behind her.
      Meanwhile her sexy thighs spread nicely, and stayed spread for a long time!
      I had a blast checking out this cutie's crotch - pale yellow panties!
      Finally she "closed" her "R" rated door to me - got up and wandered off.
      On the drive after the party I casually asked my wife, "who was the young girl in the navy miniskirt who came in after the party started?"
      Smiling, she asked, "Why?"
      "Well, don't get mad - but that youngster is pretty damn sexy - she gave me the nicest crotch shot for the longest time tonight!"
      My wife just stared at me for several beats......finally - "the girl in the navy miniskirt is my 16 year old sister!"

    • THAT is hot!
      If a teen is wearing a very short skirt - she wants men to check her out. Then she'll get all upset if she catches them looking.
      Then there's the accidental times - for instance I've coached teens in a sport where they wear loose-legged, very short shorts to do various ground exercises and stretching moves in. One has to be very very careful where you're looking - especially when there are other parents around! Crotches and half-bare asses everywhere you look!
      Go figure women.....and teens.

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