Pleasant surprise

For 3 days my son has been complaining about his thigh hurting,he took me up on my offer to give him a massage early this morning,told him to lay on the table while i went on the oil came back and he still had his shorts on, asked him to take them off and put a towel over him, everything was going fine until i went further up i noticed he had a semi, i couldn't look away i then purposely rubbed very close to it hitting the right spot because it shot straight up moving the towel with it,he said there isn't any point having it on and took the towel off, he's my son but fuck he's got a huge cock,wish i just went for it even if we only done it once,now i don't no how to make the first move.

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  • You missed a perfect opportunity to have sex with your son. Don't be afraid, just go for it!!

  • Try not to over think it just go for it

  • Good luck to them i say

  • Agreed!!

  • Awesome


  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with family sex

  • How old though? we started young. probably too young for most but all i know is i loved it.

  • About 16 upwards

  • Younger

  • I disagree, 16 is about right.

  • Oh ok

  • You are in the family section of a site called naughtyposts. Why is that?

  • Ask him if he wants another massage do the same thing then if he pulls the towel off again take his cock in your hand and say you'll take care of that then shove it in your mouth

  • Yes another massage is the way forward and this time take hold of it

  • Good advice!

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