I think I am a lesbian

I suspect and have suspected for quite some time that I am a lesbian. I have had unsatisfactory sex with a few men and the tragedy is that most of them think they know how to treat a woman and that they are good at. But that is a delusion. btw I have not, until the events of this story happened, had sex with another woman.
I belong to a gym in the City of London and use it after work 3 or 4 times a week. The changing rooms and sauna are unisex and so some of the women sit around naked or near naked in the sauna and it makes me very hot watching them. The other night I was in the sauna with just one other women and believe me when I say she is hot. Very long black hair, dark eyes, quite tall, slender with small breasts, with beautiful little nipples and a beautifully trimmed bush. She came in with a towel wrapped around her and said "Hi" and stood in front of me and removed her towel. She smiled as she saw me gazing at her beauty. She reached down and pulled my towel away, went down on her knees and started eating me out and gave me the most amazing orgasm. We stayed in the sauna for a while then went for a bite to eat and then ended up my place on the Isle of Dogs. The sex was wonderful, so gentle and so caring and no horrible, smelly cum. I am now sure that I am now a lesbian and feel liberated. I don't know how far this relationship will go but let's just let it roll and see where it goes.

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  • I'm so happy for you! You're so lucky to have such a sexy first time. Hope you are licking "straight" girls to heaven in that sauna every week and bringing them to the Home Team, too!

    Remember, all women are lesbians, it's just that some don't know it…yet. ;)

  • I am a guy and I love stories of lesbian sex. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I thought I wanted to be a girl back when I was about 15 to 16. I have had gay sex a couple times.
    I am sure I would miss being a guy since I am used to it, and I don't really understand the challenges women face, but I sometimes really envy women. Lesbian sex sounds awesome.

  • Another member for the pink club - happy pussy munching darling.

  • I have a circle of lez friends and you can generally guarantee having sex every night you go out. Some of my friends are in stable lesbian relationships but the beauty of being a lez is that as a single you will often be invited in for a steamy session.

  • I will be going out for the evening soon and hope to lick a few pussies. It's great being a lezz.

  • Lesbians of the World unite and have a gigantic pussy munch. There are lesbian swing groups and you can guess at how much fun they are. I am nearly 60 and at the club age doesn't matter, all ages just spend the night having lesbian sex in groups of up to 10 or more. It makes your juices flow just thinking of it.

  • Where can I find one of these clubs?!!!!

  • Good for you girl. I am another member of the pin club and I wish you well.

  • It's interesting to read this post because my experience is kind of similar, even though I am a man. I am 27 years old and have always thought myself to be straight, I never considered the possibility of being gay but I never had very satisfactory experiences with women. I would get an erection but it wouldn't hold up very well. I got to know a guy at work whom I suspected might be gay, a really nice and friendly and likeable guy. We would go for the odd drink after work and one night we also had a meal and after went back to his place and he had said I could stay the night. The following day was Saturday and I lived quite a bit out from London and so I said cheers, yes please. When we got back to his place he went and took a shower and when he had finished so did I. While I was drying off he walked into the shower room totally naked and much to my surprise I got an enormous bone on. He looked down at my erect member and smiled, he went down on his knees and started sucking my dick, it was magnificent. I came in his mouth and then we went to the bedroom and lay there kissing and cuddling. After a while I started sucking his dick and was amazed at how brilliant it felt when he came in my mouth and after savouring the taste for a bit I swallowed it. We spent the weekend together but did not fuck that weekend. That happened a few weeks in, he very carefully fucked me first and it was awesome, he came inside me and the feel of his seed flowing into me was out of this world. I then fucked him and again it was bliss. Whenever we have sex I have no problems keeping it up, the problem I have is keeping it down when I see him at work. So I now know that I am gay and have finally found my first love. Power to all gay people, both male and female.

  • Poof!

  • I think its fact that you are a lesbian and as others have said welcome to the pink club. I wish you lots of satisfying pussy munching.

  • Me too, great init.

  • Oh that is a very angry man making those comments down below, he obviously feels threatened by lesbians. Well girls give all the posters who oppose this sort of claptrap a vote please. Thanks.

  • Yup I think you are. A loss to us men but it's your life babe, so go out and live it.

  • When I told my dad that I was a lesbian he asked if he could watch! My lover at that time, a sultry redhead called Natasha used to drive my dad mad with lust when she came to stay with me, the fact she used to walk around half-naked didn't help. Originally he thought she was just a friend only when I told him I was a lesbian did he realise the true situation. So, I asked Natasha if my dad could watch and she said only if my mum also watched. I didn't know but Natasha fancied my mum! So we let them watch us and on the odd occasion Natasha and my mum used to get on. My dad used to wank and I was embarrassed the first time he shot his load, actually very embarrassed because he shot it over my mum's face. But I look back over those times very fondly and still sometimes see Natasha and she still visits my parents, in fact she went on holiday with them last summer. From what my dad says I think Natasha is bi rather 100% lezz, if you see what I am getting at! ;-)

  • Riiiight.

  • Yo girl, get pussy munching. Love Ya!

  • Hello sister welcome to our exclusive club. Of course you are a lesbian, the natural way to be for a women. Welcome to a more gentle, a more caring, a more sharing sexual experience. Bless The Lordess!

  • Um... how could being lesbian possibly be the natural way for a woman to be? If that was true, the human species would have died out a long time ago, considering that humans can only reproduce in nature in a male/female pairing.

    Therefore, genetically speaking, a lesbian is defective.

  • If course its natural a-hole. Me and my partner decided we wanted a child and we tossed a coin to see who it would be to have the baby. We then had AI and eventually my partner became pregnant and we now have a beautiful boy child. No need to directly involve a-holes like you at all.

  • So... it's natural for a woman to be a lesbian because you can't have children with your partner? You actually explained exactly why being lesbian isn't "the natural way for a woman to be". Thanks for playing though!

  • Of course it is natural for a woman to be a lesbian, the same as it is for a man to be gay. Even someone of your lowly intelligence recognises the need for both sexes and of course that is correct. Looking through these posts nobody has said otherwise have they? You are confusing what's natural with with conception. You provide a perfect example of why many women want little or nothing to do with men!

  • So 'shit-for-brains' you are saying that (a) all women are genetically defective or (b) that lesbians are genetically different from non-lezz or even bi females. Where did you get your information from? Do remember, though, that when your bestest mate has his cock shoved up your arse that you can't conceive. I suppose that makes you genetically defective - that makes sense does that bit.

  • (a) never said that at all moron. Learn to read
    (b) of course they are. Christ it's not really a complicated concept, even you should be able to understand it. Being exclusively same-sex attracted is a result of a genetic defect, unless you're suggesting that being gay/lesbian is a choice? The only reason we're programmed to have sex is for the continuation of the species. Therefore if you are only attracted to those you cannot procreate with, yes you're defective.

  • "Being exclusively same-sex attracted is a result of a genetic defect" As someone else said - PROVE IT, just because you think it's true doesn't mean it is.

  • "considering that humans can only reproduce in nature in a male/female pairing" Wow never knew that, where did an idiot like you get that info from, surely nobody else knows that.

  • So... you're angry because I'm right?

  • No I'm not angry and you are an idiot who is wrong. Do you not think we know how children are produced? Are you the only one imparted with this knowledge? Just what is your problem with lesbians. I bet you are one of these men who beats his wife, if you have found a woman stupid enough to marry you.

  • Yeah I bet he does beat his wife if he has one. He doesn't just feel threatened by lesbians but by all women.

  • Not as defective as a man though.

  • That makes no sense. Try again.

  • Makes as much sense as your statement.

  • It certainly sounds like your a leso, your friend clearly picked that up in the sauna, as long as you are not a real stunner go right ahead, find another girl and send this one over to the men's sauna I am sure she would be much appreciated

  • She might be appreciated but I doubt if she will appreciate it.

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