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I've never told anyone this before, but there are a lot of embarrassing posts on here, so I figured what the hell. When I was younger we used to go camping a lot. We were at this smaller campground, with a lake and a nice beach, so I spent most of Saturday laying on the beach or swimming, then we had a big campfire at night. I was tired to I went to sleep in the tent early and woke up just as the sun was coming up. I still felt sandy and smelled like smoke, so I got up and headed to the campground bathroom to take a shower. I hadn't noticed before that the shower stalls didn't have curtains, but there was a big area to hang your clothes while you showered. It wasn't real private, but it was early and I was the only one there. I took a long, hot shower, letting the water wash away the sand and the smell of the smoke. I spent a long time washing my hair, then just stood there relaxed, letting the water run over my shoulders, when all of a sudden I heard some hushed voices. I looked out and there were two guys standing there watching me. I quickly tried to cover myself with my hands, realizing my towel was just a few feet away but that I would have to step out of the shower to get it. I screamed what are you doing in the girls bathroom? They kind of chuckled and said they weren't, this was the boys bathroom. No it wasn't, I said, and I asked them to look away while I got my towel. They didn't move, but I was able to quickly take a couple steps and grabbed my towel while I told them again to get out. Then I looked over across from the sinks and saw a row of urinals that I didn't notice before. As I held my towel in front of me I realized they were right. I said well can you just leave until I dry off and get dressed. One of the guys said hey, we were watching you for awhile, theres nothing we haven't seen already. I was scared they were going to try something with me, and I guess the other guy noticed I was kinda scared and he said, no we're not going to hurt you, but we would like to watch you get dressed. I didn't know what to do, I was just standing there and I know they could see most of my butt. Then one guy said here, I'll make it even, and he took off his towel then took off his shorts, standing there naked. His dick was like four inches and turned to the side. I just stood there staring at it, and it started to get a little harder. He was grinning, obviously liking me stare at it. I said that's nice, but I needed to dry off and get dressed. He said go ahead, and neither he nor the other guy moved, they were like 20 feet away just standing there. So I quickly took the towel, dried my hair a little, then wrapped it around me. The one guy said I had a very nice body, and the other guy agreed. I was nervous, but then again kind of excited knowing that they had seen me totally naked, that they were staring at my breasts and could see between my legs and saw my naked butt. I walked over to where my clothes were and kind of looked back at them, they both smiled and said we're still watching. So I dropped my towel, put on my panties and shorts and my tshirt, then grabbed the rest of my stuff and walked past them out the door. When I got back to the tent I was kinda mad, but I figured I was lucky they didn't try anything. Later that day, before we left,, I was walking down one of the roads and saw the one guy again, not the guy who took off his shorts, but the other guy. He apologized and said they didn't mean to scare me, and that they never would have tried to do anything, but that he sure liked seeing me naked. I said ok, but that it made me very uncomfortable. I never did see those guys again, and over the years I have wondered what would have happened if I had, but I guess I'll never know.

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  • When I was young my parents owned a campground, I was around twelve or so when my dad taught me a few things like loading new paper in the dispensers and stuff like that. the storage room was between the sides of the building and each one had a hallway that ran down behind the bathroom shower stalls. I discovered that there were quite a few showers that you could see into them between the tile and the controls. I spent many a summer evening in there in my teens watching all sorts of women taking showers.

  • My wife has used the outside shower beside our motorhome and has been seen by many people. She says it makes her feel kinky

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