Girlfriends Cruise ship exhibition

My girlfriend and I were on a cruise ,we are in our early 20's , and we wanted to go the sauna. We stripped down and both were wrapped in towels and went in,nobody was there,nice, After a few minutes,I said to her loose the towel,let me see that pussy, so she she pulled it off her and spread her legs,I was sitting across from her and could see very well . all of a sudden the door opened and in came a guy about 65 or 70, he looked right at her nakedness. My girlfriend almost died. She quick grabbed her towel and covered up once again , embarrassed like you cant imagine. I knew later she was going to be super pissed at me.
He said you dont have to cover up on my account, its been a long time sweety so if you want to sauna naked ,its ok .
After several minutes of talking with this guy, and me whispering in her ear now , she let the towel down off her tits , i was hard as hell,glad i had my towel on.We talked some more and it was time for us to leave so we got up left. later in our room she said that was actually a hot scenes for her. She said she wanted to take the towel off completely again so he could see everything. I said fuck,you should have done it. What a vacation memory

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  • Very hot. My wife would love to do that.

  • Wife and I were at a topless beach. About waste deep there was a rock where many people striped naked and left the bottoms on the rock. I was reading a book on my beach chair, she went for a swim. Her and this muscleman start flirting, i can tell they're both naked. I though I should be jealous, but think it's hot. Then he starts throwing her like a javelin. Her tits. ass, pussy go 5 feet in the air and she comes crashing down. He's throwing her like a rag doll and she's loving it, me too. Only downside I saw 20 people taking pictures and videos.

  • Nothing wrong with flashing an older gentleman. You enjoy it, your girlfriend enjoys it and the older gentleman enjoys it. Nobody gets hurt. My girlfriend, who I later married, was flashing me in a small grocery store. We were alone on an isle when an older gentleman arrived. She was wearing a micro-mini skirt. She bent over to look at some products on the bottom shelf giving us a perfect view of her ass, asshole and pussy. She told me later she was shivering with excitement.

  • That's hot

  • Cruises are for oldies, why would you take your Mrs on one?

  • They are not, the ship was full of college people and young families.

  • Wrong place ,wrong time, keep trying

  • Why can’t I get that lucky, 70 and many cruises under my belt

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