Spanking my bare bottom in public

There is a strip mall in the city where I live that is located right in front of a large apartment building. There are doors leading out of the apartment building to the strip mall about 20 feet away and there are also parking stalls that are partly enclosed right by the doors of the apartment building. I park my car in one of the stalls(each stall holds two cars) if there is no car in one of those stalls. I back my car in, open the trunk and pull it up and stand there and wait for people to walk out of the apartment building and walk 20 feet to the mall doors. During this walk, I have my short pants pulled down behind the car and I spank my bare bottom hard with my hand(both bum cheeks are spanked) and there is a loud cracking sound with each spank. Nobody can see it because I am behind the trunk but they can certainly hear the loud cracking sounds. They will often look back in my direction and sometimes stop in their tracks listening to the sounds and trying to figure out what the sounds are. This really turns me on and I am hoping that someone will come over to where I am and question me about the sounds and I am so nervous and frightened that I end up admitting that I was spanking my bare bottom. The person or persons then say come with me right now, take me by the hand and march me into the mall and turn me in to security for punishment. I am begging and pleading as they walk me to the security office. Security takes photos of me and puts the pictures up on a board in the office with a written report underneath the photo which includes my name. I am banned from the entire premises and if I am caught again spanking my bare bottom on the property, the police will be called. The other fantasy I have is for an older lady or man to catch me and march me into the mall, sit down on a bench inside the mall, put my over their knee, pull my pants down and give my bare bum a hard spanking in front of passer byes to teach me an embarrassing lesson.

3 months ago

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    • You need to confess your sins to a nun. They're experts at corporal punishment. Perhaps a Saturday dressed in a schoolgirl uniform with a good spanking between classes is what you need. Before caller id I used to call convents and was surprised at how many would do this. One nun wanted to add a good whipping while dressed and bound while praying the Stations of the Cross. That would have been epic!

    • I think you should be using a hairbrush or a paddle of some kind. Spanking my bare bum with my hand is useless for pain. Anyway, I like this rogue spanking indulgence of yours. Spanking and spanking and more spanking!

    • Thanks for your message and glad you enjoyed my naughty confession. Good that you also get turned on by spanking your bare bum. I do have a paddle which I spank my bare bottom with at home and sometimes behind the car in the parking stall. Yes, a hand does not cause much pain but it does sting and when I am behind the car, my hand is very good for making a loud cracking sound which allows people to hear good. The paddle also makes a pretty good cracking sound but not quite as good as a bare hand. Yes, the more spanking the better and I absolutely love turning my ass red. At home I stare at it in the mirror and really get aroused. The stinging and burning sensation is a real turn on and my paddle hurts like hell and I learn a lot from this self-punishment.

    • Shame, shame, everybody knows your name!

    • Nobody knows my name yet. However, this could change if I am caught by security, taken to the security office and photographed. My face on a wall in the security office along with my name and a written report on what I did would be seen by the entire security staff and other people like mall employees. So if I go in that mall and the stores inside the mall, I could very well get many embarrassing stares(also some snickers) and I am sure my face would turn crimson red. This would then be shame, shame, a lot of people know my name.

    • Well that won't happen! Best you can hope for is a good ass kicking from the other inmates in jail! Would you like that getting punched all over and maybe kicked in your ass? Because inmates don't like sick fucks like you at all!

    • I don't want to go to jail, nor do I want a beating from the other inmates for my perversions. If I am ever caught and jailed for my public misbehavior, I have to hope that the rest of the population in the jail doesn't find out why I am there and if they do, I will have to beg and plead and pray that they let me off the hook. I realize that my naughty behavior in public is risky and could very well result in a scary and embarrassing jailing if I am caught by the police. I just hope I don't get caught by the police. Don't be so sure that my fantasies(taken by security guard to the security office or an older lady or man taking me into the mall and giving my bare bum a spanking) won't happen. You never know what happens when you are bad in public.

    • Don't do the crime if you can't stand the time. They will find out and beat you bad!

    • Just to follow up on my comment about misbehaving in public and you never know what happens, 10 years ago I had a very humiliating experience when I did something naughty in public. I was in my bare feet and went to a restaurant to eat and when I walked up to the entrance door I saw a sign saying no bare feet. I was reading the sign and noticed an older lady standing beside me. I said to her the sign says no bare feet. She then asked me if I want to put a pair of socks on so that they can't say I am in bare feet. She took me a little ways away from the door for more privacy and then pulled out a pair of short women's stockings that went to just above the ankles and said to put them on and they can't say you are in bare feet. I was stunned and astonished and didn't know what to do and ended up bending down to put on the stockings at her insistence. She also bent down to help me put them on. I didn't understand what her intentions were. Was it to help me or publicly humiliate me. To punish me for trying to go into a restaurant in bare feet? She said to come with her and she walked to the entrance door and I followed her and I was very nervous. I questioned her on other patrons laughing at me and she said no they would not do that. She then took me by the hand and led me through the door and into the restaurant while I shook with nervousness and fear. Once inside, many of the customers sitting in seats stared down at my feet with shocked looks on their faces and then many of them began snickering which was my worst fear. It was too late, I was trapped. The lady continued to hold my hand and then took me up to the front counter to order food. She explained to the ladies at the counter that she had me put a pair of stockings on so you can't say he is in bare feet. They could hardly hold their laughter. I ordered and we walked to a table and she went outside to get her friends she was with so they could eat. You never know what happens when you are a bad boy in public.

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