Spanked By Mom

I am a male in his late 20's and still living at home with his parents while I attend college. If I misbehave, I still get a spanking on my bare bottom from my mom. She puts me over her knee, pulls my pants and underpants down and applies a wooden backed hair brush to my upturned bare bum cheeks. I cry hard and kick my bare feet in the air like a 6 year old and my poor backside is crimson red afterwards. I beg and plead before hand but to no avail. For the most part, the spankings are administered in my bedroom but on some occasions they are done in front of my dad and two sisters(16 and 21) if they are major offenses and my sisters also get spankings from my mom.

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  • I was spanked by Mom, Dad, sisters, aunts, and a teacher. Bare bottom with strap, belt or a paddle. Mom showed my wife how to spank me. Now I spanked by my mother inlaw too. I deserve every swat I get.

  • Youre so lucky

  • Age aside, a good and caring mom should always be an authority figure to their children, and as such always take it upon herself to administer a spanking to a naughty child, of any age, whenever mom thinks a spanking is needed to correct unacceptable behavior. That's what good, caring moms are all about, spanking when needed!

  • My mom spanked me over her knee, when I was 19, and told me I would never be too old for her to take me over her knee whenever she thought I needed a spanking. That spanking at 19 was the last real spanking mom gave me, however when I was in my early 40's we reenacted a spanking mom gave me when I was 6 or 7 and spit on the living room floor. Mom was visiting us and we got into a conversation of the times she spanked me when I was young. I suddenly spit on the floor, and mom said "come over here and get over my knee naughty boy." I went over mom's knee, and just as she did years ago, mom gave me 10 sound spanks. We both had a fun time and laughed over reenacting a spanking from years ago.

  • The reenacted spanking, got me to realize I actually miss the times mom put me over her knee and spanked. My mom gave every spanking over her knee, never any other way. Being a teenager and having to get over mom's knee, made me feel like I was 5 years old again. Thinking back, I am sure that's how mom wanted me to feel, that to her I would always be her child, and being spanked over her knee was one way to impress me with it, and it really did make such an impression.

  • I still get spanked at 24

  • Who spanked you at 24? Was it your mom, or someone else?

  • I lover to be spanked by mum, at 14 I use to get a hard on after the first time mum started wearing short skirts, so my hard dick was in contact with the bare flesh on her legs, I use to get a pre com on the end of my dick and dribbled on her legs, I dare not tell any more

  • I got spanked over my mom's knee when I was 19, for hitchhiking. It was a rule mom had that if we hitchhiked she would spank, regardless of age. Mom put me right over her knee and spanked my bare bottom 20 times. It was the only time she ever spanked my bare bottom, all the rest were on the seat of my pants. I never hitched another ride after being spanked for it!

  • I wish your mum give me a good spanking over her knee . I would love to spank your mother over my knee knickers down .

  • If a child, no matter their age, does something that warrants a spanking I believe a mom should always have the option to put them over her knee for a spanking. My mom spanked me all the way through my teenage years, the last time being when I was 19. Over the knee is the proper way to administer a spanking as it makes the spankee feel humbled and embarrassed. A spanking should make anyone, regardless of age, feel like a chid again, and after all we all will always be a child to our mother. After giving me my last spanking when I was 19, my mom told me never to think she would not spank me again, if necessary. She said I would never be too old or too big to go across her lap, and if it needed to be done she would do it again. I think the over the knee spanking due to the closeness of the spankee to the spanker is a very bonding experience for both people,spanker and spankee. Bottom line is I personally learned from every spanking my mom gave me, and think a properly administered spanking over mom's knee, age aside, is good for anyone, when needed.

  • I agree I spank for the fun of it

  • It would be fun to meet you, so you could show me how much fun it is when you spank!

  • Who do you spank for the fun of it, and does the person you spank for fun, also think it's fun???

  • Are you a mom? Why would you spank for fun? I don't get it!

  • My mom gave me my last spanking across her lap when I was 19. It was a wake up call that to mom I would always be her child, and she could and would put me over her knee, no matter how old I might be at the time she felt I needed a spanking. When I was about 45, we reenacted a spanking she had given me years before, for spitting on the living room floor. We talked about it, and all of a sudden I decided to spit on the floor, which I did. Mom sat down, patted her lap, and as I had done years ago, I went to her, lowered myself across her lap, and she spanked, just as she did when I spit on the floor when I was younger. It was a full strength spanking, and we both got a good laugh out of it. I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful mom who cared enough to spank when I needed to be spanked. I actually miss those days of going over my mom's knee!

  • Sounds like you and your mom have a wonderful relationship. If you want her to spank you now and then, just talk to her about it. She would probably be willing to take you over her knee again. If not, just spit on her floor whenever you want one.

  • If I spit on your floor, what would thou do?

  • Correction: If I spit on your floor, what would you do?

  • I am thinking if I spit on your floor, you would have the same reaction my mom had, and if I was lucky, you would put me over your knee and spank!

  • My mom is no longer with us, but you're right. She always said I would never be too big or too old for her to take me over her knee, if she thought it was necessary. I absolutely believed it!

  • I'm sorry that your mom passed away. I know what that's like. I lost my mom over 45 years ago. I still miss her.

  • I have lost both parents, and tragically a 27 year old son. Losing a child is not even on the same planet as losing a parent. We're supposed to bury our parents, but not our children.

  • Wonder which religion you are. Got my bare ass paddled when I was 20. Out drinking with a friend one night. We were not drunk, just one beer each but under age at tge time. His parents took great offence since drinking was against their beliefs. Choice was to drop pants and take a leather belt on the bare ass or deal with the police. At the time the police scared me more but after getting walloped in their kitchen by his parents I would have chosen differently.

  • Actually we are not really a religious family. My parents are just firm believers in corporal punishment even for young adults. I sympathize with your plight when you were both 20 and caught with alcohol underage by really strict parents with strong religious beliefs. There was no way out of that one especially with a threat of calling the police hanging over your heads. A licking on the bare ass is a tough punishment to take and I am sure both of you were wailing or at least hollering loud. Although my mom administers most of my spankings, my dad on occasion has disciplined me with a thick razor strap(the ones that used to hang on a barber's chair) on my bare bum and it hurt so much I wailed. it is even worse than the hair brush which is very painful. You like me know what it feels like and I think I would also choose suffering the humiliation of being arrested by the police instead of the pain and humiliation of a bare bottom strapping.

  • My husband and i have 3 children and all girls ages ten, twelve and fourteen and they are spanked bare bottom by bought off us and will be till they are 18.i think twenty is a little old but depends on maturity. Our daughters are sweet girls and they know they are loved so much and know the boundaries we have set are for their own good although they dont always agree. Our oldest has asked us to let her keep her panties on but shes always going to be my little girl and as we explained to her if she behaves then she wont be spanked. I do ask her though before either of us spank her if shes on her periods andbif so her spanking can wait for bit longer. Our middle daughter was spanked by my husband last night for hitting her younger sister and answering her dad back and i will blister her little bum today for takeing her ipad after being put to bed by my husband. Our girls know they are not allowed anything in bed when they have being off three beautiful girls and wonderful husband and father..

  • Lucky girls

  • Thanks for your response. Yes, maturity is an issue for me and this is why my mom still spanks me. She doesn't like to do it but knows it is necessary or I will misbehave worse. I am still immature for my age and have a lot to learn so until I mature properly, I will continue to go over mom's lap like a naughty 6 year to have my bare bottom blistered. Your approach to disciplining your children is obviously very similar to my mom's approach. There are no second chances and a spanking on the bare bottom will be administered when rules are broken.

  • I still think at 20 spanking is a little old but then i recall my mom and dad blisterd my older sisters bare bottom a long time ago for constant back chat and other stuff. I beleave she tought because she was 19 or 20 and our parents stopped at 18 she was free to do what she liked. I remember i was around 13 and never forget my sister argueing with our mom and in a flash my dad was behind her and landed a hard swat over her skirt and then as my sister was rubbing her bum my dad had pulled her skirt and panties right down and brought her over to chair and roasted her bottom for what seemed like ages and then my mom came into lounge with a wooden spoon and told my dad to let her up and then she spanked my oldest sister over the sofa. So i guess i can see were your parents are comeing from and i hope my husband or i wont have to spank our girls after 18 as said but we shall see and girls are very stuborn. We had our middle daughter throw a tantrum like a 3 year old copil days ago and so shes being spanked 3 times in last 5 days and i realise its her age but i was not let of with half the stuff our daughters do and so after several few warnings and being general bratty in mall and raise her voice to me i brought her into changeing room and lifted her skirt and gave her just two good spanks on her panties with the promise off a very long and hard one at home. Funny her attitude changed realy fast but as i promised when we returned home i roasted her little bum and sent her to her off 3 angels..

  • You're never to old for a good spanking I think .I am 50 and love to give and receive a good spanking

  • I agree that 20 is a little old for a spanking, especially on your bare bottom. Going over mommy's knee like a naughty 8 year old is not fun at all and I not only suffer from a very sore and red behind but also from a very red face and complete humiliation. Yes, hopefully you won't have to spank your girls past age 18. I hope they mature a lot better than me and won't have to go over your knees and bare bottomed like I have to do with my mom. I also hope they don't make the same mistake as your sister made when she was 19 or 20 and back talked her parents. If they do, they will be very red bottomed and humiliated young adults.

  • You stinking paedophiles. Hope the police trace your ip address and your children end up with childrens services away from you you disgusting pig.

  • This lady is not a pedophile. She and her husband do not have sex with their kids. They spank them when they are bad like my mom does to me.

  • Its called discipline and its how we have being spanking them that way since they were toddlers. They are 3 sweet little girls now with morals and respect for others..

  • Our children are loved by my husband and i. Its called discipline..

  • Bet you get a hardon and have a wank after your mom goes out .

  • Sure. We believe you......not. But it's a nice fantasy to have.

  • What a dumbfuck faggot

  • Yes you are a idiot

  • I am not. I am immature and still very naughty in my late 20's so mom puts me across her knees and wallops my bare backside hard with a wooden backed hair brush. It hurts so much I cry and kick my feet in the air. I can't help it.

  • You lucky guy

  • In the words of Adam Sandler, “B-B-B-Bullshit!”

  • Yeah, right...lets see...late twenties, still living at home with parents, still attending college, I'd be embaressed at being such a pathetic failure too !

  • I'm sure your father is so proud of you.

  • Stop lying. I just read your story about you doing this, in your car, to yourself. Bloody oddball.

  • 'Stop lying.'

    Perfect reply!

  • Sounds like some of you posters using the poor language could use a good spanking! You moms must not have spanked you enough in your younger days!!!

  • We don't know for sure that this is a lie. What I do know is that at age 19, I hitchhiked, which was absolutely forbidden by my mom. When she found out about it, I was immediately taken over her knee and given a good spanking, with a promise there would be more in the future, if I hitchhiked again! Lesson learned, as I never hitched another ride!!!

  • I am who was spanked at 19, for hitchhiking. Mom had always told me you hitchhike, I spank, no matter how old you are. That's what happened. I knowingly broke the rule and mom spanked, as she always said she would. When someone breaks a rule they should expect to pay the consequences, and in this case the consequence was a spanking.

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