Bare Bottom Exposed

On a regular basis I expose my bare bottom to adult females from my car windows(front and passenger side). My pants are pulled down or I am bare from the waist down and sometimes the lower half of my body is hanging outside the passenger door with my stomach on top of the door(windows obviously rolled down). My feet are also bare. In addition, I spank my bare behind with my hand or a wooden paddle right in front of them while exposed in all of the above ways and sometimes my bare bum cheeks are crimson red. What a turn on.

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  • Be careful when sticking dingle out the car window. Accidently hit the up power window button and you won't have anything left to flash at the ladies.

  • Thanks for the heads up about the dangers of power windows to me.

  • Hopefully, you'll be caught and charged. You certainly ought to be.

  • I am sorry.

  • Barefooted while operating a vehicle ? You're completely insane !

  • I am almost always in my bare feet when I am driving and out in public. I go to retail stores, eating establishments, malls and anywhere else in bare feet and the soles of my feet are coal black. I get disapproving looks especially in eating establishments because of how dirty my feet are but I keep doing it because I love being in public not wearing shoes.

  • You've probably got stuff growing in the cracks and crevices that would scare the hell out of most antibiotics !

  • Jesus wept...

  • Was Jesus’s poop called holy shit?

  • The possessive form of Jesus is not "Jesus's" but "Jesus.'"

  • Under current grammar "Jesus's" is also now considered acceptable. I think they are just happy anyone still recognizes an apostrophe.

  • Ha! Yes, it’s accepted as the possessive if it is a possessive statement. Jesus’s Cross sat in the corner. I’m an editor. We love proper punctuation.

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