Two guys from Philly

In the time before covid, I dated for sex at least twice a month and a great time was had by all.
I met a man on a dating site for Transsexual women and we began the usual chat. I being direct politely told him I was looking for a friend with benefits to meet with me now and then for some fun.
His reply was would you object to me bringing another guy with me? I said not an issue and he went on to explain that he and his friend had been looking at my pics off and on for over a week and were eager to meet me. We spoke at length that evening about everything including clothing, my height 5ft 11 ( most men loved my height), and wearing heels which I will be happy to model but only on request to wear them to a meeting. The three of us talked about sexual likes and not likes including that we were no spring chickens. I made a point of no slapping on the ass or anywhere on my body, no bondage, no S&M, No Scat, no toys. I am a conservative dresser in public although underneath I do wear garters, real nylon stockings( if the mood strikes I wear seams), a push-up bra, and silky panties.
He was 65 and his friend 67 at the time I was 63.
I had been with older gents and found them to be very polite and wanting to please. However, most had issues maintaining an erection and at least three I knew took the blue pill.
We met at an eatery in Bedford, Pa as I do always. They had already gotten a hotel room and checked in then made it clear they wanted me. So much so as we sat in a booth in the back of the diner one gent slid two of his fingers up my thigh across my black back seam stocking and stocking top and into my excitement zone. Then he kissed me. Wow! That was some kiss and being felt up in public was exciting me.
He whispered in my ear telling me how pretty and sexy I am and that he wanted to gently spread my legs and slide his cock inside of me. I was doing my best to keep from bursting into flames when his friend across the table said why don’t we adjourn to the room and have some real fun. Ok, the gent who felt me up placed his hand in mine and helped me out of the booth. They ask I go first and I made sure I wiggled my ass a bit letting them know I am ready for anything. After entering the hotel room they set my bag down and then took turns kissing me as I undid their pants exposing some very nice and extremely stiff equipment. As we continued kissing I ran my fingers over both of their cocks simultaneously as they each moaned in delight.
I set on the edge of the bed and took turns stroking and sucking their rock-hard cocks. It was only a matter of mins before one gent cried out and shot a big hot load all over my huge breast. I continued sucking the gent who had felt me up and then he motioned me to lay down. He even put on a glove and placed an anal desensitizer on my entry point and drew up the lube I had set out and gently slid the tube inside of me moving it in and out making sure my asspussy was nice and slippery. After tossing the glove in the bin he kissed me as he ran a finger over my clit. Within a min, he spread my legs, mounted, and slid inside me. He had at least 5.5 inches and he maintained it since we met at the diner.

I then turned on my side and he took me from behind, I making sure to angle myself so he hit the little girly P that would give me an orgasm. His friend now rejoined us and I ran my lips over the top of his once again stiff cock then took him in my mouth and gobbled him like a slut. My partner was hitting my p spot and his cock was swelling telling me he was ready to shoot his load. I began to suck that stiff cock furiously as I felt my orgasm build. The gent doing me said he was close and I said so am I. The fellow with his cock in my mouth was withdrawing his cock and stroking it. Suddenly I orgasmed, shook all over, like a wave of sexy washed over my body and my GOD did I shake my ass with him also cumming inside of me.
He pulled out and motioned for his friend who jumped off the bed and slid his big dick inside me. I orgasmed again shaking and writhing as he gently slid in and out of me. He said kiss me and as I leaned back to do so he slid his tongue in my mouth and said cum for me again sweetheart and I did. It was sexually intoxicating and I was getting weak as he continued to slide in and out of me slowly. Most of the desensitizer had worn off as he quickly removed his condom and barebacked me. Then he gave me the hottest and longest shot of pimp-juice I ever felt inside me as his cock shook and twitched. Was there an earthquake? My GOD in heaven cum was pouring out of me and I was in ecstasy as now all three of us lay there on the bed exhausted. I lay there about 20 mins and got to go and clean up, and before I dressed to leave the gent who felt me up ask that I go down on him, I obliged and he shot all over my one-piece crotchless, open breasted lingerie. These two gents wanted to pimp me out to their elderly friends, which I would have loved, but I refused to travel to Philly. One of them has kept in touch with me during this covid nightmare. We are both waiting for our shot of the vaccine.

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