The office spanking

I’m 24 years old and I have this fantasy that I have never told to anyone. This part is true, I work in an office with people much older then myself and they are all quick to let me know how much smarter they are to me by pointing out all my mistakes it turns into almost like a scolding and I often feel ashamed for making them so I usually just apologize then go back to my desk and make necessary corrections. The boss is an older man who loves to stare at my tits and ass and often has me in his office to talk to me about my mistakes but never does anything about it which I believe pisses off everyone else. Now for my fantasy part... so it’s Friday and almost time to leave with about 15 min to go and as I start cleaning up my desk the boss calls me in his office so I go in and he instructs me to close the door. I sit down in the chair next to his desk and he begins the usual ritual of going over my mistakes I apologize and wait for him to dismiss me but this time he doesn’t he says to me he have to take care of this situation properly this time I ask what do you mean? He said come with me and he leads me to the conference room where everyone is seated around the table and he says to me you have made to many errors to be ignored anymore so you need to be taught a lesson. He said you will go around the table and receive a spanking from each of your co workers and they may spank you anyway they choose, over their knee or bent over the table bent over the table. They will pull down your panties and spank your bare ass till they are satisfied you have learned a lesson and when they are done you are to Return to my office is that clear? I was in disbelief and could only utter a simple “yes” and then he left the room and I looked around at all 8 cars f them 3 women and 5 men and thought they all looked awful smug then one of them said let’s get this started come over here! So I slowly walked over to him and he didn’t hesitate to pull me over his lap and pull my dress up and yank my panties down to my ankles and he started spanking my bare bottom over and over spank spank spank spank the whole time telling me that mistakes will no longer be tolerated and that he was going to tach me a good lesson and she sparked me some more before letting me up and sending me to the next one who was one of the females and she also put me over her knee, her spanking wasn’t quite as hard but then I noticed how wet I was getting and started wriggling a bit then when she was done the next one also one of the women told me to bend over the table so I did and her and a couple of the other co workers came behind me and started spanking me and I was really dripping at this point know that I was completely exposed to all of them then before I knew if the were taking turns spanking me and I just thought oh god I’m so wet now I think I may cum and The next smack on my bottom I moaned! And then one of the ladies who was spanking me started fingering me then the next one did the same and before I knew it they were all spanking and fingering me and I was exploding all over the place!

Ok maybe I will finish this later I have got my panties so wet the I need to finger myself now!

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  • I missed a page one time when I copied a long document, my boss was upset but I was able to quickly go make copies of it and in ten minutes they were back on track. I walked into his office and told him that I really screwed up and he told me everything was fine but I felt like he was still really stressed about it. I just walked over to him and told him he could spank me for it later, he looked up at me with a half smile across his face and told me something like he would really love to do that to me. He told me to come by his apartment after work. I just nodded at him and walked out of his office.
    Later that evening I was bent over his lap with my skirt and unders down at my ankles, he spanked me dozens of times then started kissing my bum. He picked me up then turned me around on the couch, pulled off my skirt and spread out my legs. His face went downward and I leaned my head back as he started kissing and licking me, several orgasms later he lifted up his face and it was soaked.
    I really enjoyed working for him and we did this off and on for several years.

  • That is hot. Humiliation is a very common fetish.
    So the girls are fingering you, as others spank your ass cheeks, you bent over the table with your bare ass exposed. One of the ladies is a lesbian and she starts talking dirty to you. "You like having ladies play with your pussy don't you , you little exhibitionist slut. Well you have to give as well as you get."
    She yanks off her panties, hikes her skirt and hops up on the conference table and slides her cunt right under your face. She grabs your hair and pulls your mouth down onto her clit. "You know what to do." she says as she smothers you between her legs.
    The rest of the guys are too horny to bother with spanking your bare ass. They have pulled out their hard cocks and are lining up to fuck you doggy style. The lesbian has you by the hair, as you are bent over the table, and you're not going anywhere; you're going to get fucked and there is no getting around it. You're licking and sucking her clit, breathing hard through your nose. You hear the other girls giggling and referring to you as a dumb slut who deserves the power fucking you're about to get.

  • John grabs your hips as you feel his hard dick head pushing into your wet cunt. He grunts as he squeezes inside, and you squeal from being stretched, then you moan, muffled by the pussy in your mouth. After several minutes of intense fucking, you feel lube squirted on your ass cheeks and a finger gets slowly worked up your asshole.
    "A dumb bitch like her needs a good ass fucking" Tom is heard to say. John is grunting louder and more urgently as he tenses and jerks several times, his dick pulsing inside your cunt, gushing cum that runs down your thighs. Your pussy spasms as waves of tingling pleasure wrack your body. Your rubbery legs feel like wet spaghetti now as Tom begins working his thick cock inside your asshole. Even though he takes it slowly, pausing to allow your anus to loosen up before slowly pushing in further, you gasp and moan, sending vibrations into the lesbian's clit, tipping her into an orgasm.
    The door swings open and you hear the janitor's voice "Oh, my! Uh, is that Miss... uh, I can come back later" he says before he hurries out the door. Who knows who he is going to tell?

  • By now Tom has worked his thick and well lubed cock all the way up your ass, and he begins slowly and steadily withdrawing almost all the way before grabbing your hips and slamming his big dick balls deep in your ass.
    Jack has now replaced the lesbian, sticking his hard dick into your open and moaning mouth. You're getting spitroasted by horny cock, on display before the office staff.

    Finally the boss walks in the room to see why the spanking has taken so long, and what is keeping you from coming to see him in his office.

    "Can't you do anything right? I told you to get a spanking and then come to my office. But it seems you can't even do that.
    OK, you want to be the office slut. At least you do know how to use your mouth and your pussy the right way, and your asshole too. "

    Tom cums in your ass and pulls out as the boss slowly walks up behind you, your bare ass quivering on display.

    "From now on you're going to suck my dick every morning when I get to the office. Right now I am going to wear out your pussy."

    That's one way it could go.

  • Let me know how you were going to finish it

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