As far back as I can remember spankings always aroused me. I loved it when my mother would pull my pants and underwear down and spank me. My little cock would get so darn hard. Feeling my bare naked bottom laying across her lap. Feel her bare naked hand or sometimes she used one of my father's thin leather belts. Oh God! It feels so good to feel my bare bottom turn all nice and hot and red. A couple times I ended up shooting a load of semen all over her lap. It was really awesome when it was summertime and she was wearing shorts and my little penis rubbed against her naked thighs. She whipped me crazy onetime after she discovered I had ejaculated on her. Now I get my girlfriend to pull my pants and underwear down and spank me. She gets my little 4.5 inch dick so fucking hard. She used a paddle we bought to use on me. Man does she spank the shit out of me. Makes my ass so red hot. She gives me 5 good spanks then rubs my sexy round hot red bottom. Then spanks me another 5 good ones. She doesn't hold back either. She lets me have it good. I cry out loud and it hurts. My little cock eventually explodes all over her dress. I love it when she wears a dress makes me think of when my mother spanked me. Sometimes she roles me over and strokes my little cock off to finish me. My girlfriend not my mother. Although sure would have enjoyed feeling my mom's soft hand around my little penis. Oh fuck yeah!

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  • You should get mummy to spank your bare bottom in front of all your friends and let them see how hard you get being spanked over mummy knee

  • I wish they would make a devise to keep all you little fucking kids off the internet. I'm going to find you and tell your mothers so they can spank the shit out of you and make your tiny , tiny peckers hard. Bad boys all of you!

  • Yes my mother spanked me also. I really got so turned on just like you. But once she saw how it made my dick really hard she stopped doing it. I think it scarred her for life cause then my dad started spanking me. I would have loved to been your bro. Have mom spank the crap out of me. I would have done shit on purpose so she would have used her bare hand on my ass.

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