Should I make a move on my nurse?

I get home care services each day and every nurse is different. On mondays and tuesdays I get this sexy asian woman. The other week I bought myself a pocket pussy, and my nurse found it. I purposely put it in the open for her to find and she did. I am not sure what she thinks about it, because I like her so much. She saw it and pushed it away as if she didn't know what it was, but clearly it was a pussy. I wanna bang my nurse so bad. She has the most perfect ass for an older asian woman. Every time she comes by she wears these sexy jeans and it makes her ass look perfect when she bends over. I always give her compliments on how she looks that day, she smiles and enjoys it. The first time I said it she said her husband never says so. I have to really hold myself back from grabbing her ass or tits when she's helping me out in the shower. Sometimes she's so close I want to kiss her. Sometimes my dick gets hard as fuck, and I can see her staring at it as it gets big. I am not sure how to go on about this? because I think she likes me to, what should I do?

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  • I wouldn't bother her too much. It's bad form. Maybe make an offhand comment about whether she knows any nurses who do "favors" and see how she responds. Who knows, she might be up for a handjob.

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